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I'll add a few comments.
Although I don't know why your numbers are worse now (LDL 203)than before you started Lipitor (LDL `66) both are bad. At age 63, carrying around EITHER set of numbers is dangerous.
Anomalies in testing occur, numbers tend to get WORSE as we age, diets change over time...several things might explain why you are higher now.

Your blood lipid RESPONSE to the Lipitor was also not nearly so good as many others get...probaly 10 mg. was too low a dose for you.

Are you CERTAIAN there was cause and effect between the Lipitor and the weakness? Have you made dietary modifications to try to lower that awful LDL? Are you overweight?

Red yeast rice is a weak statin, lovastatin, and you can try it if you wish, but judging your relatively small response with 10 mg. Lipitor, a STRONG statin, I doubt the RYR will do much for you. Try the Zetia, unfortunately people seem to have as much if not more problems with ezetimibe than thaey do with statins.

I think you should try 20 mg. Lipitor once again if you think it's POSSIBLE that your weakness problem was coincidental.

You should NOT settle for the numbers as they are. At age 63, it's TOO DANGEROUS.