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Sorry if this has already been posted but I though I'de bring it up since there has been a lot of discussion about Red Yeast Rice recently. Seems the FDA has put out a warning and started putting heat on distributers of RYR again late this summer.

This is the title of the FDA Article.
"FDA Warns Consumers to Avoid Red Yeast Rice Products Promoted on Internet as Treatments for High Cholesterol" (Products found to contain unauthorized drug)

I'm a little confused. I thought Lovastatin was naturaly occuring in RYR and the drug companies found a way to duplicate it syntheticly. It appears that the FDA has in the past required the supplement companies to remove the lovastatin from their RYR products and has recently sampled some products and found they contained Lovastatin. I wonder if the RYR products will be of any benifit by the time the FDA is through making them safe?