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[QUOTE=cook82;3411286]I am a little confused also. You don't mention your LDL but your total cholesterol is made of your HDL, LDL and Trigs/5. That means according to your numbers that your LDL is only 25. But your trigs are WAAAAY out there. I don't understand the need to abstain from meat at all unless you have another condition other than high cholesterol to warrant that. The best diet for you is low carbohydrate based upon these numbers. Are you on medication to lower the Triglycerides?[/QU

I also have high blood pressure, the doctor said he couldn't get a number for my ldl because my tri's were so high. He said I was eating way to much red meat as well. I was eating steak 4 times a week. The only medication I'm on is Lovastatin for my cholesterol. I asked him about niacin, but he said he didn't want me take anything else.