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Thanks for the replies, I have asked my doctor about Niacin and he said not to take it. This was when he had me on Lovastatin. Lovastatin almost doubled my liver numbers so he took me off. He said he was going to put me on something after a month. As for starches, I was raised on rice, potatoes, and eggs, and after 40 years it's kinda hard to just change your lifestyle. I have found other foods to substitute which I can live with for now. I do get the urges though to just to make a steak with rice and a potato. As I said before my dr. has me being a vegetarian for 2-3 months and I'm on day 44 and I'm getting use to it. I don't feel any better if that's what he's hoping. Thanks again
Hey Mark1e, I don't know if you saw my numbers. I've decided I'm only going to do the vegetarian thing till the end of the month. I've learned that I need to slow down on my meat intake. I was eating way to much steak. I now crave better things like fish and avocado. The chicken I ate was either boiled or breasts I made with rice and vegetables. It's been an interesting month and a half so far.

Here's last months numbers:
Glucose is 91 Reference 65-99

Here's new numbers:
Glucose is 98 Reference 65-99

I think this is the liver part of the test, I don't understand it though. My doctor didn't have time to explain.

Last Month
ALT (SGPT) 38 Reference 9-60

New Numbers
ALT (SGPT) 65 Reference 9-60

My doctor took me off the Lovastatin because of the liver numbers. I'll be seeing him in 3 weeks to try something else.