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I have been having buttocks and back of thigh pains for 1.5 years after my station dose was upped to 40 mg. (lovastatin). I have told 3 different doctors that I thought it was the statin result. They all disagreed. They tried me on Zetia and Crestor and stil had pains. Had x-rays of the lower spine which indicated I have some arthritis there. I am 72 years old and this is expected.

I stopped my lovastatin 2 weeks ago, and am awaiting blood results. I see the doctor on Thursday and am prepared to tell him that I will not take another statin and want to try a natural route. Also, since stopping the statin the pains have been less and less. I refuse to live with the side effects. I could hardly walk in the a.m. and my legs were burning and felt weak. I will let you know what happens on Thursday.