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I ran across a recent Chinese study (dated June 12), that I thought might interest people taking red yeast rice. They tested Xuezhikang on people who had a previous heart attack. Reduction in major coronary events was 50%. Total mortality was also reduced as well as cancer. The latter two are interesting, as normal statins tend to have somewhat minimal mortality benefit.

The test was done on people with normal LDL numbers, so reduction in cholesterol alone probably wasn't the reason for their reduced risk They also used two 300mg capsules (I think), but I do not know what percentage of monacolins is in it, or what a US branded red yeast rice equivalent would be.

The red yeast rice product used had a greater benefit (at least in this study) as compared to monotherapy studies done in the US, using prescription statins.

A shame that there is no US source of Xuezhikang that I am aware of. A smart US drug company (such as Merck), probably could cash in by making a prescription product out of Xuezhikang, instead of using the lovastatin component only. If a drug company can make a prescription out of fish oil (and make tons of money too), I see no reason why not with standardized red yeast rice.
Hi Guys,

There we go, proven not to be just for the reduction of cholesterol levels.

Read this full report on 10th. June in a science magazine and the results look extremely impressive don't they?
They used 60 hospitals throughout mainland China, in a randomised, double-blind study, conducted on almost 5,000 patients (male and female) having had at least one heart attack in the previous twelve months, ranging in age from 18-70 over a five-year period.

Xuezhikang (XZK) 2 x 300mg tabs per day containing if I remember correctly 5.6mg of what you know as natural Lovastatin, reduced the risk of repeat heart attacks by 45%, revascularisation (bypass surgery/angioplasty), cardiovascular mortality and total mortality by 33% and cancer mortality by 66%.

Mayor, if you are still interested in Xuezhikang as stated in one of my 'older' previous posts, you can import from a company based in Singapore who have a higher level of quality control to that of the US and the UK for this type of product. However, it is expensive, as the XZK product is manufactured using a different fermentation method to that of the 'over the counter' RYR product.

Although the study was sponsored by the company manufacturing the RYR product, Dr. Capuzzi who was in charge of the study had/has no financial interest in this company.

Just one important point to note here, is that the exact ingredients from the XZK capsules have not been isolated and studied yet. That goes for all three fermented types of Red Yeast Rice.

The scientists who conducted this study are baffled by how such a small amount of Monacolin K could produce such remarkable results. As I once stated, I believe there is more to this product than scientists concentrating and being blinkered on just one of the by-products of RYR, Monacolin K. There are 14 known monacolins, plus other by products. The combination of these by-products will be the answer to this products ability to succeed.

I have read various media reports on this study from papers of several countries, and the contents of the study vary from one paper to another, even a well known med journal site has reported incorrect intake of the RYR. TuT-Tut. Wonder how many other non-drug related controlled findings get distorted?