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  1. Kidneys and Meds
    ... alcohol amphetamines haloperidol cocaine heroin lovastatin opioid analgesics and others These are only several...
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  2. BYSTOLIC (Nebivolol) - New Hypertensive(Beta Blocker)Medication
    ... did not give me the muscle aches. PRAVACHOL ZOCOR, LOVASTATIN are the only (NATURAL - Red yeast) statins proven...
    ... Statins I mentioned are all approved FDA drugs. MEVACOR ( Lovastatin ) was the very first statin drug on the market to be...
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  3. Monotherapy
    ... I've also determined that the peak BP lowering of lovastatin occurs almost precisely 2 hours after dosing! ... monotherapy because I have gout (take allopurinol) and lovastatin is uricosuric. It also RAISES potassium rather than...
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