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Yes vague is definitely what they are... I wish I knew the questions I should have asked with the first surgery but I was only looking at the possibility of being pain free after a year and a half of pain. It is worse now than before surgery and hopefully that is from my non-union but the fact that I have nerve damage makes me wonder if thta is all there is to it. I crushed mine between a 10,00 lb fork lift and a multi-story pallet shelf. It was w/c so they sent me to occupational health and there I stayed until that doctor (who was just a general practictioner) finally got tired of my begging for an ortho and just sent me , 14 1/2 weeks after injury.:mad: The first ortho said they waited to long to send me to an ortho and if they had sent me at first he could have done something but now , sorry nothing I can do was the answer.:mad: He told me I had a lisfranc injury.
On my second visit to him I came prepared as I had looked up what a lisfranc injury was and so preceeded to ask him where in that range I feel. (mild sprain to fracture dislocation) I told him I had all the symptoms of a fracture dislocation. He very angrily told me he was sending me to someone else since I didn't beleive he could do nothing for me.:mad:
The second ortho was much better. I had already had one mri from the first ortho. He had another done as well as a bone scan and nerve conduction studies. I have nerve damage and he could not pinpoint my problem so he requested I be sent to a specialist ...that found me with my current ortho at Babtist Hospital. He has been a godsend.:angel: He also did a mri as well as a CT scan that immediately revealed a fracture dislocation as well as a possible injury to my lisfranc ligament. He recomended a midfoot fusion and I jumped on it.
I had it done oct 06 and a day home from the hospital my nerve block in my leg via cathater came loose and had to be removed which found me back at his office having the cast removed. 6 hrs later my new cast was removed for the same reason at the hospital emergency room. :( They put me back in the surgical dressing and it was removed a few times before it was comfortable. I then developed a blood clot in my leg and was given a presciption for lovenox injections to be self administered and cumadin to be taken orally. :( My W/c insurance promptly denied the shots and I played telephone tag for a day to get approval.:mad: I was leaving town for thanksgiving and only had a day or so to get my meds taken care of. After that I had to go for regular visits with a family doctor to manage the dosage as well as regular visits with my ortho.
I was scheduled for some PT and did OK with it but was still having significant pain and swelling. It is still swelled somewhat and I have moderate to severe [pain . I am one medication for nerve pain after almost a year of narcotics. Which only helps somewhat.
Now I am a year out and he is very understanding of my hesittaion to go through it again but I have a feeling this would be my best option.:confused: I am not sure I am prepared for it mentally and do not look forward to the pain. :( At least I am better prepared this time.I have a list of questions to ask and that is what I am waiting for now....answers.