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Here's the situation: I've had vaginal discharge for about a month now, before, and after my period. I've been to the doctor and first she thought it was a urinary tract infection. I took antibiotics for it but had a severe reaction so I had to quit. Then she had me in for a culture and thought it was Gardnerella. My culture came back perfectly normal. They told me to finish up my 5 day metrogel treatment and then I should be fine. Well, I'm all done with that, and I have the same discharge. I'm getting so frustrated, I always seem to have symptoms, but every test comes back normal. I'm starting to think it could have something to do with my birth control. I'm on Low-Ogestrel 28. Could this cause these problems? I don't know what else I'm supposed to do...
Thank you Lindarella, that is extremely good to know. I'm going to make an appointment with my doc to switch bcp. I've been on 4 others and never had this problem. I'm on Low-Ogestrel, which is 30mg estrogen , and the other hormone is norgesterone (sp?)At least I can feel relaxed until I can see the doctor now :)