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My doctor suggested I go on birth control a couple months ago. Thinking it was a good idea regarding my relationship status/sexual habits at the time, I went along with it. I gained 5 pounds, and felt sick to my stomach every night, and spotted the whole month (sorry, I don't even remember which brand). Anyway. she switched me to low-ogestrel. I haven't started taking it because I wanted to research it first. I broke up with my boyfriend, so I'm even less inclined. Reading what I have after researching, I do NOT want to take it. Weight is very important to me, and I would rather not have sex ever again in my life than gain weight.
Please don't bother lecturing me on how this is an unhealthy mindset or how I should be honest with my doctor about it. I mentioned to her from the beginning that I was only interested in pills without weight gain side effects. Although I know theres no way of knowing how I will react until I take a pill, the way she bitchily brushed off my concern makes me uncomfortable. (I know that everyone reacts differently to different pills. I also am aware that sometimes it takes a few months for your body to adapt and level out when trying a new pill. It just isn't worth it to me.)
My doctor wanted me to try this one for atleast three months to see how everything went. There is absolutely no way I'm going to take this pill. I don't want to lie and waste the money to get the prescription. I don't feel like I can be honest about this, because when I tried to express my concerns before she was not very understanding. At all. I have an appointment in a couple weeks to "see how everythings going". I can't blow it off, because the appointment is also for another med I take that I need.

Any ideas of what I could say for her to just forget the whole thing? Maybe that I have decided to take up smoking? Lol. Really though. Please help. <3