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[QUOTE]I am having the abdomino-perineal resection with the colostomy.

Dug out my Operative report, I had abdominal perineal resection. Reading through it I see they were quite satisfied with themselves in being able to remove the entire rectum in one piece.

The pathology report states that the entire specimen of rectum and anal skin was in one piece.

tumour was 4.2 cm in diameter and occupied 40% of the total luminal circumferance( inner surface rectum at that spot I suppose)

I did not look to see how many lymph nodes were taken out but I do recall being told that there was no lymph involvement and that no cancerous cells were found on the outer surface of the rectum. The only other tissue that was removed was anal tissue 1" to one side of the anus and 2" to the other side in order to ensure good margins. this means that when sitting I have less muscle and fat between the chair and my coccyx than other people and consequently sitting for long periods on hard chairs is downright painful. I cannot sit crosslegged on a hard floor at all.

Oncology reccomended that I do not get a flu shot but I was already in chemo in June and flu shots were available in August so I was already in a compromised immune system situation.

I washed my hands religiously while on chemo. Still, I managed to contract tonsillitis for only the second time in my life. Otherwise I had no infections that I recall.
Diareha was a problem a few times and I took immodium. Sometimes it took 4 or 5 tabs to shut the gates. Get a prescription for generic equivalent (loperimide if I recall correctly) it is waaaay cheaper, they'll give you a couple of dozen for the price you'll pay for 8 Immodium off the shelf.