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Hey thanks Lenin,

I took valium last night and did better but still not great. Didn't get what I'd call an attack but my heartbeat did raise a bit and I did wake up. Went back to bed, up again at 4:45 and that was about the amount of sleep. My sleep now is so damn FRAGMENTED. I'm probably getting about five hours but they aren't EASY hours, that's for sure.

Doc prescribed Lunesta. Pharmacist thinks this should help, especially with the REM sleep.

I find that the treadmill DEFINITELY helps with the anxiety I'm having about my high bp. I feel sooooooooooooooo relaxed afterwards. Unfortunately, havent done some anaerobic exercise for about three weeks. Once I feel like myself again I will go again.

Starting to have anxiety about falling asleep now. Hopefully the meds will get me over this hurdle.

By the second day of valium, your anxiety will pass and you'll sleep. Lunesta is a nice way to sell you a drug that costs dollars a pill instead of pennies.

IF Vasotec (enalapril) doesn't work well for you, it probably indicates that you are a low renin hypertensive (if at all.) Low renin hypertensives (about 20% of the population) are VERY salt sensitive and benefit more by either salt restriction or diuretics, than by anti RENIN drugs like enalapril. Taking more and more Vasotec if you don't respond well to the drug is bad medicine.

Can you gain 4 or more pounds the day after a particulary salty day? That's a sure sign of salt sensitivity.