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I have been on Luvox for about two months now and I'm starting to gain weight. Luvox is an antidepressant used to treat my obsessive-compulsive disorder. I am not ready to stop taking it because it has really helped me so far with the OCD and I am very thankful for that. However, I was wondering if anyone knows how I can avoid gaining weight and still stay on it. Do I need to burn a certain number of calories per day? Do I need to drink more water? Do I need to eat fat-free? I already eat pretty good and I do exercise. Please respond if anyone knows what to do. Thanks in advance. Beth
Hi, BM28.

I'm going to try to give you some tips, but I don't have much by way of information to work with, so bear with me :)

Unfortunately weight gain is a common side effect with Luvox. There are things you can do, however, to counter this, and perhaps to even lose.

You're aim is to increase your metabolism. You can do this several ways.

1. Eat more frequent, smaller meals and ensure they all contain some protein. Smaller meals will keep you feeling satiiated and full and it will control your blood sugar levels - making it less likely you'll be tempted to binge or eat something you don't really want/need. Keeping your body supplied with protein on a regular basis will also help it to stay healthy, making it easier to burn fat. The very act of digestion will raise your metabolism - do it 5 times a day instead of 3 and you're already ahead of the game. Remember to keep these 5 meals smaller.

2. Do some exercise - get moving. Go for a walk, go for a bike ride. Do some gardening. Dance! Activity gets your metabolism going.

3. Lift weights. Lifting weights will help you keep the lean muscle you already have and perhaps grow more - especially if you're eating protein with every meal. Do not worry about 'bulking up' - women are from the planet estrogen and quite simply do not have the hormonal profile necessary for this. Lifting weights will also do you a world of psychological good - it makes you feel strong and empowered. Trust me!

4. Avoid refined foods - anything that comes packaged or processed isn't necessarily good for you. If they had to do all that to make it edible, should we really be eating it? The biggest culprits are white flour and sugar - it's toxic to anyone trying to shed fat.

5. Definitely drink your water - aim for 2 litres a day (64oz). Water will help flush out the toxins and the fat - it will also help keep your skin looking great.

6. You need to eat a little less than you burn in terms of calories. I say a little because if you get active and start lifting weights you will have increased the number you burn. It's always best to keep the caloric deficit as small as possible while still losing. Why? If you cut your calories too much you will send the wrong signal to your body. A food shortage will work against any fat burning you want to achieve in the long run. It's better to increase metabolism via exercise, small meals and weight training than to cut calories more and more.

7. Try a google search for BMR (basal metabolic rate) and 'formula' - you'll get some hits with a couple of them (formulas) that can help you figure out what you burn on average a day - they will also help you figure out how much you should eat.

All the best,