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In August 2004, I had minimal invasive surgery for 2 herniated discs. Was scheduled to be in hospital 3-5, but went home the next morning. :bouncing:
I have a scar about 1 inch long. Everything went fine, pain in right leg gone, no back pain. Then in October 2005, I had pain in left leg that started in my left hip and went right down to all of my toes. There was also tingling and numbness in my foot and toes were terrible. In January 2006 I had an open MRI (I have clostrophobia (Can't spell). Showed discs were fine and surgery was all in place. I than went for an Myelogram, which I had in 1984 and about 1990. But things sure have changed since then. All went beautiful, no pain, no side effects, nothing. It didn't show to much, but possibility of pinched nerve in two spots. I then went for an EMG (which I had before) and this showed no damage to nerves in back, but extensive nerve damage in my leg. I was put on Lyrica 75 mg and this has helped tremendous. I am scheduled for Epidural injections next week. I have had these in he past before the back surgery and they worked for about 5 months and then back again. Will see how this works for the nerve damage. Dr. does not really want to do any surgery as nothing is definate. But if I get 6 months pain free, I will go back again.
Myelograms are not bad at all if you get the right people to do them. I felt nothing, a lot different from the one in 1984 and 1990. Cn hardly wait to get back into my gardening, and watch the flowers bloom, and play in the dirt.