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I had a Posterior lumbar interbody Fusion, L4-5/ April 11. So I have a 8 inch incision on my back, but it is healing very nicely. We got off to a bad start with it, some infection but now it just looks like a seam, tiny bit red. I'm wearing the soft brace and may get it off at end of may. I had my surgery April 11, but I did not do so well. I was in the hospital for 11 days, and really needed to go to rehab, but the insurance would not pay for it. Sad to say, as long as there is a warm body in you home, they would not pay for me to get any help. i did end up with some home help with the incision and PT, but they waited so long before they did it. and too they seem like they consider me a slug-for whatever reason they seem to feel I'm just not getting better b/c I don't want to. . I feel sad that people are so judgmental, and mean but I'm doing the best I can..
My experiece in the hospijtal was really bad, I had problems with pain control, and did not wake up and do well. I was in ICU for 3 days and then the doc finally told me that apparently the retractors had caused the nerves to swell which was causing my legs, behind, and all to spasm and have shooting pains. Seems he did not get his message to the pian doc b/c he did not prescribe any of the aniseizure drugs used for neuropathic pain. a week after I went home I saw my neurologist and he put me on lYrica, and I'm on a low dose but it helps the spasms. They are not gone, but it reduces them. the doc said it coud take up to 6 months of the swelling to go down.
I'm barely walking b/c the spasms cause so much pain. after I have PT I hurt for 24 hours.
I was not in good health before the surgery, I mean, so many of us have had our lives effected by back pain and it has caused limitations in our ability to exercise. I have been home disalbled since 2002. But back pain is not the only reason I'm disabled. I tried to explain to the doc that I might have problems healing and all that, but seemsed like he choose to ignore me.
I am hoping now to be able to get out and take a walk. I do not know how long it will be before I can walk very far without spasms, but i look forward to that day.
I really noticed my experience is so different from others, who seem to have really reocovered quickly. I also am having right groin pain and tail bone pain. I had this beforer this surgery and it is still with me. I do not think it is caused by the herniated lumbar disc at 4-5/ I believe it must have another cause. if anyone has experienced this and knows what it is, please let me know.
I can say my experience with this doc's office has not been good, they have not naswered my questions and generally treated me rudely. I will not allow him to ever do surgery on me again.
also b/c i had some pretty serious anathesia and pain control issues that the nurses and docs did not take care of very well, I will not be having any more surgery unless it is so serious I can't walk.it was a bad experience to lay in the bed in agony (mostly due to those spasms) and have no one take me serioulsy. I feel very wounded by this. I don't know how I can trust the docs an nurses again.