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I had really bad side effects with neurontin too so my pm dr. put me on a new medication called lyrica. It has been wonderful. My thinking is clear and I get a great nights sleep. It is helping with my leg pain which I am really grateful for.

Lyrica was just released about a month ago. I have read here that a few of us are trying it.
Hi Tirzah
What kind of bad side effects were you getting from Neurontin?
I will ask my doctor about Lyrica when I see him on the 27th.
Thank you for the suggestion.
I'm glad to hear lyrica is helping you so much, my dr rx'ed it for me I have gotten it filled and have out of starting it as I have heard many mixed reports on it.
It is made by the same co. that makes nuerontin and is actually the same line it's only suppose to have milder side effects then nuerontin and possibly work better, one of the same side effects that worries me also is the weight gain, I gained much weight on nuerontin, I ended up giving it up though for the many side effects and not helping the pain.
Spiney- that's how I felt with neurotin too but not with lyrica. My leg pain feels so much better since taking lyrica.