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I had my followup after my second surgery and new pain. It turns out i didnt reherniate, but my two discs l4-5 are extremely degenerated . He coudlnt beleive someone at 26 reherniated so easily and fast (within weeks of my surgery, i herniated again) Heredity and genes from hell is to blame for the degenrated discs and narrow spinal canal. So, he told me to have a good attitude and now all i can do is wait it out . The pain is horrible at times, shooting pains around my back that ihad never felt before. I cant even take a bath, i cant bend at all. He completely got rid of the first problem which was herendous and kept me from walking. Im greatful for that but now i have to live in this pain bc of how deep he went into me. I dont beleive that this is due to just my disc and he even told me scarred tissue is due to the surgery and the disc damage. Well, all i can do is keep optomistic and hope that i have my age going for me, maybe a faster healing time, i dont know.. im not getting excited but im not giving up. He put me on Lyrica samples of 50 mg. I took one and it did nothing....I dont know what to take , io dont remember him telling me, the office was really busy and i didnt think to ask him. I think he said 1 and then another one if it doesnt work. Does anyone here trake Lyrica , what dosage and how much can i take ? Im 5'7 about 170 if that matters any. Thanks for any help in advance and im here for anyone else now that i know im in this for the long run. keep positive people, its the only way to live with something like this:)
I went to the pharm. website for Lyrica and it says: Max dose is 100 mg. 3x a day. To start at 50 mg. 3x day and in a wk. it can be upped to the next dose. You can search "Lyrica" and find it's official website. (There are some site that pop up to sell it and others that are for or against it...but there is one that is the official website for the pharmacudical (sp?) co. and it has all the adverse reactions, dosage and much more).

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I was just prescribed lyrica yesterday. I'm supposed to take it 2 times a day. Hasn't worked for me yet either. So far Neurontin and this have had no effect. I have massive nerve pain and there is no medicine that helps. Hopefully it will work after we have been taking it for a while.
I have been on lyrica for about 4 weeks now. I was told to start out slow. I took one 50mg before I went to bed. I did that a couple of days then took one in the am and one in the pm. I did that for a few days then went to 3 a day. I now take two 3 times a day. It doesn't work like taking a pain pill. You need to build it up in your system. For me it is working great. I had tried neurotin but it messed my head up too much. With lyrica I can think clearly during the day but sleep very sound at night.

I've been on Lyrica for about 3 weeks now. I had a L5-S1 fusion with disc replacement may 2007. I did really well for a while and at 21 I thought I was recovering quickly! I'm in pretty good shape and I walked everyday starting about a week after the surgery. However about 6 months after the surgery I started feeling the same sorts of pain I was in before. Finally last month the figured out that I'm not fusing, I still have a grade 2 spondo and I have scar tissue strangling my nerves. Needless to say I'm pretty upset about the whole situation and feel like I'm worse off now than I was before. My pain doctor started me on an Lyrica routine that I increase every 5 days. I'm up to 2 in the morning and 3 at night. I think they're helping.. I see him tomorrow to discuss it. They aren't a pain killer and you need to take them everyday not just when u feel like you're in pain. They also take about to start working.. your system needs to adjust to them. It's worth a try right? Good Luck!