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Hi Pooboy I am Canadian an I agree that Canadian Doctors are very strict on the Narcotics issue, I am on 160mgs of Oxycontin, 5mgs Methadone 4x, an Oxy IR 10mgs(up to 6 per day) for break thru pain without these drugs everyday I cannot function, he will not go any higher on the Methadone an now wants to ween me off the Oxycontin(fine by me) an replace it with Lyrica 75mg 1xa day for 1 week then 2x until we get to 225 mgs per day. I am so scared because I know each time we make a change I become more incapacitated as to functioning but I do hope the Lyrica works as well for me as Ive heard it does for others. I do have issues with the Oxy so I hope getting off of it an finding something not so harsh on the system will be the answer. I believe our laws are stiffer here, as Ive read the posts here, an could not understand why my Doctor was not doing more for me. I have Spinal Stenosis, DDD, C5- c6 removed an Donar bone in place, Spinal Cord compression, Myelopathy, Neaurapathy, Spondylolisis and Osteo of the Spine, also all the numbness an pain my body can stand at this point in time, Im only 49 yrs old. Ok I have to sign off now b4 I do my pityparty me. I hope this info was what you were looking for. Have as many Painfree days as possible everyone! Mink
I am on Neurontin which is not an narcotic and for me it has been a wonder drug. Lyrica works the same way but they say it has milder side effects. I had to go on 1600mg bedtime dose for Neurontin to work but it is the only drug that has helped with the nerve pain that has been unrelenting. I hope that the Lyrica works for you.