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Hello. Haven't posted in awhile. I just started the new drug Lyrica for nerve damage to the sciatic nerve which has had me in up to level 10 pain for 2 years now, and it's working! I had L4/L5 rupture onto the nerve 2 years ago, causing nerve damage, resulting in a weak leg and weak foot which nearly left me in a wheelchair. Microdisectomy removed the herniation off the nerve July of 2004, and the nerve is still recovering. At 6 mons post op, the nerve went ballistic with shooting pain, and I've been just trying to survive ever since the stabbing pain...

I couldn't take enough neurontin to get my pain down to less than a 5 daily because it knocked me out and made me dizzy etc so I could only take 200 mg 4 times a day and that alone left me like a zombie.

This Lyrica is another story. I've had no problems yet at all and it immediately took the nerve pain down, especially in the butt area. Leg still hurts at about a level 2/3 pain but that is a hard pain to take away no matter what. I hope that as I am on it longer, I get more pain relief. I think it has to build in your system? I can live with level 3 pain.

With the Lyrica, there is very little pain in my back now which tells me my pain is 95% nerve related (have bad disk). I couldn't tell how much of that leg and back pain was nerve and how much due to a bad disk in the spine.

Anyhow, doctor says it can cause liver damage so have to have that checked regularly.

This drug has literally given me back my life. Also, I am seeing more leg strength with it too which he said I might! My leg is not as weak, though my foot still is. For me, it is working like a miracle. Unlike neurontin or gabapentin, which are antiseizure drugs that affect the brain directly, this new drug adheres to the injured nerve fibers. I was looking at morphine next or a spinal implant for pain control, and now with this Lyrica, I am off the oxycodone and just on vicaden.

Anyone else having success with this new drug??

I am a rather extreme case on the nerve damage, and frankly, didn't know if i could go on living in the pain, so this drug is just incredible. I THINK I have a life now!!!! That I am not limping as bad either is a miracle! Who would think it would give me leg strength?? I am walking now with no cane! Let's see if that continues...

Wanted to post to let other know. Good luck! I will keep you posted on my progress with this new drug. Hallelujah!
Hi Ladybird- I have been on lyrica now for almost 5 weeks. I did have another thread going on it but I haven't updated it for awhile. I had tried neurotin and that stuff was terrible. The Lyrica is taking the leg pain away and that is a great relief. I am still having a lot of pain in my back so I'm thinking that it isn't nerve related.

How much lyrica are you taking? I have built up to 100mg three times a day.
There have been more posts on lyrica over on the pain management board. I think as more people start trying it we will see a lot more posts.
Re:LYRICA working,
I just had L5/S1 fusion and back doesn't hurt anymore, but from the 5th day after surgery the middle of my rt butt has been hurting bad and then the leg pain as well, feels like he took bone from my hip, but he didn't. Had mylogram done, couldn't find pinched nerve, he gave me some kind of shot in my butt at the painful spot and it has helped the leg burning but still the sciatic spot on my butt is killing me. I did 2 steriod dose packs, and am taking neurontin 300mg every 8 hours, but right now am sitting on an ice pack. If I don't get relief by my next appt., I will ask for this drug and hope it helps. My home health nurse and my daughter(anLPN) both think this is a nerve irration from surgery. Glad to read these threads. Learn so much.

I was wondering if anyone has heard of Lyrica helping with numbness due to nerve damage, not necessarily pain.

After a microdiscectomy at L5/S1 four months ago my right leg has been completely numb to the toes. I can't walk without a limp and I have minimal strength. I don't have pain, however, and am leery of taking the drug (or any drug) without knowing if it will help nerve repair.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am getting scared that I will never get the feeling back in that leg.
I've tried about everything. Lyrica's just the latest in a long line.

Yes, it's extreme pain.