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Hey everyone

Well here goes my story. I'm 3 months post-op from a microdiscectomy on L4-5 and L3-4. I still have irritating pain in my buttocks and hamstring area butt its not as bad as it was before surgery. Its irritating enough where I can't work full-time. I've been going to PT for the past 2 months and they help me keep a positive attitude there. This past wednesday was my 3 month follow-up with my Dr. I told him about the problems I was having and he acted like he didn't even care. First of all the guy walks in and starts walking out after a minute. He's done this everytime I've seen him. I was in the middle of a question when he started walking out yesterday. But anyways, he said to me yesterday we can do another scan and do more surgery or we can just leave it alone. Then he says that I don't need to go to PT anymore and I don't need to do the exercises anymore. I told my parents this and they were in shock. I've tried lyrica and Neurontin and no success. The Dr. said the reason why these aren't working is because the discs are worn out and the discs are causing the pain. There's no nerve pain anymore.

Well here's the problem...I plan on getting another MRI but I know he's going to say its time for a fusion. The thing is that I'm only 25 and I just finished school in august. My insurance runs out 12/31 because I'm on my parents. I can't work for 20 hours because of this irritating pain. I'm in such a dilemma. Should I apply for disability to I can get insurance? I'm soo lost here. Anyone that has any advice please lend it. I could use it obviously :)