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Last month, on the 25th - I had a fusion at L5-S1, and above the fusion, a replaced disc above the fusion, at L4. I am 28 years old.. This was work related, and caused by unsafe work conditions.

One thing I am confused about is, why do I have severe nerve pain in both legs. It's spuratic. But mostly happens if I kneel down to play with my 6 month year old daughter. I stand up and BAM, hits me hard. Very painful. I am taking Lyrica - it works better than Gabapantin for me (Neurontin).

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JUust an update. Nerve pain still exists. The Lyrica seems to really be helping, I would say 50% of the time. My incisions really have healed up well!

Back is still healing; only time will tell. So far, so good though!

For any future surgery candidates (especially total disc replacement). Have faith. Hopefully uou have a good surgeon. I can only speak for mine:

Thomas Dunn
Out of Las Vegas

He is fast and efficiant. He does a good job. Good crew. Great anastesiologist (sp?), great vascular surgeon, and also a good assistant (Richard Mateyka). If you need any info, PM me.