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katinthebag...yes it will be 4-6 months recovery ..if you want to be extra safe dont work till after 6 months at least ...if bending and moving around and lifting then 1 full year if you want fused area to not effect other discs...im 4 weeks post fusion L4/5 cages in from the front and he put clamps in my backside for stability ...was on ortho and wanted a neuro but this ortho was a spine specialist ,and did spine fellowship...always wear brace everywhere when outta bed , or when showering ..thats a must !! it can be hard to get dressed so get tools like a armbar that has a claw at end to grab ..for pulling up pants,shorts,etc..even for picking up stuff off floor,,,cleaning etc,......never ,and naver bend to floor to get anything no matter what ...i can feel metal clamps in back very easily and its gross but had to have it ...always listen to a spine specialist he knows whats good and bad... my pain after 4 weeks on fusion is getting better finaly .at first i thought it was a failure..i had lots of shifting pains ,i never had before surgery ... like extreme sciatica pain in left leg that made me cry like a baby...and groin pain too...bit my main back pain and hip pain was instantly gone in 3 days after surgery ...in hosp 4-5 days ...on 2nd day they make you wqalk already ...that was brutally painful ... been slowly decreasing narcotics ,but had to add nerve pain meds try lyrica ..if sciatica occurs ..it worked wonders and got me off my oxycontin ...good luck and take all advise and do what dr says ...dont bend or lift more than a gallon of milk for 2 months ....i have not started pt yet ..dr says after fusion begins in 3 months then will add pt ..again good luck
Hi all & Happy New Year! I ate my sauerkraut & pork, too, hope it works this time. We had a quiet evening of playing board games with the kids. Will be watching the Buckeyes this afternoon. Go Bucks!

I'm considering calling the surgeon about going back on something for nerve pain. How long did it take for you guys to get over the dopey feeling? I'm starting back to work this week & don't want to appear out of it. My boss made jokes about this before so I'm a little sensitive to it. I hate that foggy feeling you get with Neurontin & thought maybe I would check into Lyrica. You guys heard anything about it?
Hi all, had another quiet day yesterday. I slept pretty well without the elavil Okie, but I think it's also made a difference in the nerve pain in my toes - they are ice cold most of the time again. I see the NS on Friday so I'd be interested in hearing about the lyrica. I still have the numbness in my calves and saddlebag area, I'm not sure how bad everyone elses nerve pain is and whether I should just suck it up and wait for it to go away.
Today I'm 5 weeks post-op :cool: I'm up to 4 miles a day on the treadmill - feel like a rat chasing a piece of cheese ;) but whatever works for now.
Everyone have a good day....Sue
Good morning all! We're having a huge winterfest in our area this weekend & it's supposed to get up to 50. This has been some crazy weather, but I will take it over 10 below.
Good news, surgeon called in a medrol pack and gave me the go ahead to start Lyrica. Will keep you posted on how it goes. We're working on the piriformis muscle to loosen things up, it works with the sciatic nerve so this makes sense.
My boss informed me of 3 projects that i'll be overseeing. I thought to myself he just doesn't get it. My replacement has shingles of all things. We'll probably be on the same meds! Funny how life works. You guys have a great day. I'm off to the treadmill.
Hi Kat, glad to hear you're getting around - hopefully the worst is over for you! Maybe your daughter should consider a new career in massage therapy!

I'm still thinking about the meds for nerve pain; I had a lot of foot pain during my second walk on the treadmill yesterday. My one mile walk to the corner made my lower back sore. It's so much harder than the dreadmill. It's funny Okie, I painted a picture in MY mind about YOUR walk. Ostrich, they freak me out! But the vision of the river overrides that!

I saw the plant doctor at work Monday and they are (TRYING TO) get me back to work ASAP; their main goal = get people off the DB plan payroll. Seriously, if I didn't have this brace and an infection they would say I could start back now - they had a paper in my file with "their" assessment of my capabilities. 3 weeks before surgery they sent me a notice that I was capable of climbing ladders (maintenace work with hand tools) & driving a forktruck looking BACKWARDS with a Grade 2 spondy (they've obviously never seen me try to back up my car out of a parking spot!!!). Gotta love big business...

Carol. I guess your boss never heard of easing back into the swing of things? I'll be anxious to hear how you're making out with the Lyrica. Never heard of the medrol, I'll look that up later.

Off to the dreadmill, have a good day all! :wave:
Wow -what a difference, I can't tell you how much the meds have helped. The first day after taking the medrol dose pack I had a lot of relief. The lyrica, which I started the next day, doesn't totally take the nerve pain away, but it makes it bearable. It is so much better than the neurontin for me. I was afraid to drive when starting the neurontin, but this didn't give me that dopey feeling. Hopefully I don't have a huge weight gain, but if it's giving me a better quality of life I'll just buy a new wardrobe! I was approved for massage & my PT person is also a massage therapist. She's awesome. I lost a lot of muscle tone thru this ordeal so the ligaments have really tightened. She worked on the outside thigh yesterday & you talk about painful. She seems to think this will really help. I'm just so glad to get some relief. Need to make sure I don't overdo on the good days or boss will think I'm back to normal! Take care everyone.
Talk about one extreme to the other on this weather. Cold front didn;t do me any favors. I have to say that the first part of the week with steroids was much better than the end of the week. I still need something for breakthrough pain along with the lyrica. I just hate to call the doctor and ask for more pain meds. Does it bother anyone else? Had a long weekend of sitting so probably aggravated things again. I missed the winterfest, Sat. was brutal here.

Sorry to hear about everyone's complications. I only had the posterior incision. One of my therapists said, "Gee you can tell you've been cut open a few times." I really don't care what it looks like, my bikini days are long gone. Susie, I do get that heavy feeling you described, when I've stood for too long, it's like your legs can't support you. What does the robaxin do?

I think the lyrica is making me ramble a bit, will check in later.
I called my surgeon about breakthrough pain with the Lyrica, so they doubled my dose. Yesterday was the first day in 3 months that I didn't need a percocet or a vicodin to get thru pain. I was at work for 5 hours and didn't notice the nerve pain. The only problem was that for about an hour I felt really out of it. Kinda like a good buzz. My vision seemed a little off, too. Not a good thing when you need to go to work! This should go away in a few days.We'll see how it goes today. I'm praying that this does the trick. I think I'm done with the PT. I told my therapist I felt I could do this on my own. My eval is on Friday so will know more then.

Okie find a doctor who is willing to take the time with you. It will be worth it. I love our family doc. He's always thorough & is great with my kids, never rushed. They're out there. Good luck.

Hi Ladies.
The wound is coming along, still a bit runny but he's not worried as long as there's no fever. He called it a "speed bump" in my recovery. I see him again Feb. 13 so I'm stuck with the brace til then. I walked to the lake (1.6 miles) today with no problems! Sunny and balmy 45!!!! :cool: having some lower back pain but between the robaxin and xst it's tolerable and my toes are warm again.
When did you start with the lyrica Okie? I haven't taken anything but xst for pain in over 5 weeks so do you think I'll dodge the bad nerve pain? I'm 8 weeks postop come Monday....Carol did you take anything before now for your nerve pain?
Take care all, and have a good day!
I'm so envious, wish I had a river or a lake to walk around. We have hills, will have to work up to those.

Okie, sorry to hear about your friend. I had a similar experience earlier this week;couln't make it to a friends father's funeral.

As far as my meds, I was only taking percocet before, 1 or 2 a day, nothing else. My surgeon told me up front that he expected a 75% reduction in pain, maybe more. Sooo, I'm there on some days, not quite on others. It was my decision to try the lyrica, only because I have been on narcotics for over 2 years. I'm having a rough time with the double dose during the day. I really feel out of it for the first few hours. Okie, how do you take half a pill? Isn't it in a capsule form? Do you think I could take 2 capsules at night, then 1 during the day? I wasn't sure what it would do.

Susie, you're so lucky, I hope you continue to be pain free, from the nerve pain. I'm going to try 2 more weeks of PT, working on this nerve root. Yesterday the head therapist worked on me & it seemed to help.

Enjoy your walking ladies, I will think of you while I'm on the dreadmill!
Good Morning..

Hmmmm, I have cold toes and feet hurt last night and today but the lower back pain that has been aggravating me for the past week or so is gone; I could feel my hill walking in my glutes, rather than the lower back, which I thought was good :confused: but seems to be bad for the toes....If it keeps up, I'll take an elavil to see what happens (nap for sure). Walked to the lake yesterday with no problem doing the hill home;it was cool 45 and sunny; today it's 30 and snow and I'm housebound. Did 2.5 miles on the treadmill this AM but the toes aren't any warmer - usually it helps.

Carol, sorry to hear about your friends father. Hope you figure out a good dosage for your lyrica sooner rather than later.

Take care all and have a good day!
I'm at work but wanted to check in with you guys. We're dealing with an Alberta Clipper & boy did I feel it Monday, everything hurt. That's probably what did you in yesterday, Susie.

Had to cut back on the Lyrica, just wasn't getting adjusted to the zombie feeling. Of course I already filled a prescription for 3 months. The 30 day price is the same as the 90 day price since I'm using a mail order program. Go figure. It's non-formulary so they stick it to you. I'm going to see if they will give me more vicodin, just took my last one.

After reading so many posts about others who started experiencing more pain at the 3 month mark, I'm really getting kind of nervous. I'm hoping this isn't turning into a trapped nerve root. My foot has been numb & I haven't had a problem with this since the first few weeks. I keep telling myself this is normal, that it's work related, but I'm really worried about it. I'll be anxious to see how you all tolerate going back to work.

Watch our for those winds, Okie!
Good morning all!

Okie, I was thinking about your CAT scan - do they want to check if there is a pocket of junk in there? That is what happened with mine with the stitch - they said "luckily" mine found it's way out. Mine looks like it's trying to close over today; I'm assuming that is a good thing. Itches like all get-out.

The sun did feel great yesterday Carol- had to dig out my shades :cool: I took the 2 mile walk again, can't believe I lost my "hill conditioning" already. Calling for rain late this morning so I plan to get out early. Don't know about you, but I'll take the rain over snow! I'm sure Okie agrees! Are you still taking the lyrica?

Have a good day all, talk to you tomorrow.
Good Morning Girls,
Well I've been on drunk that drug addicts and drunks would pay VERY good money for, but of course, we don't like :eek: Went to Pain Dr. yesterday and he put me on Lyrica and when I asked about my neurontin, he said go ahead and take it as well at bedtime and see how you do, well, 4 cups of coffee and food and gatorade and I'm still out there. Won't do that again. He wanted to give me shots to relieve my pain, got home and ins. will only pay 60% for his place in Vegas,s o canceled procedure, can't afford that, the FINALLY the anterior surgeon called and have appt. Monday, IN VEGAS, YUK. Will be glad to get something, I hope, accomplished.
Sue , HOpe your trip is fun and you do well. CAROL, so glad you had fun on your weekend with the girls. When we bought our car 6 years ago, I made sure my seat was exactly like the drivers, that was the only reason we bought it. Hope your trip will be good, take every percaution to be careful though with your back. BUT have fun. :D
Well, will try to walk a little ways, hate to say it but was 80 degrees yesterday, so beautiful, scary though, means summer around the corner, not a good thing here you know.Talk to you tomorrow All.

OKIE46 :wave:
Good Morning Girls,
Still on a pretty good drunk, I would say that the Lyrica isnot setting too good for me, I didn't take the neurontin last night, so wasn't as bad out of it, but still I slept way too much and I'm still not got a straight head. You're right Sue, we should be able to find the right combo, still will try something else tonight and see. :confused: We will make the trip to Vegas Mon. and something better be done or else.
So glad your trip went well Sue, you do find different hurts than before though.
Sorry girls, It's late, I have to get in shower to try to get this out of me and food in me. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Has been nice walking weather 80 +, am loving that anyway.

Okie46 :wave:
Good Morning Girls,
Well,I couldn't take it, I hated the way that Lyrica made me feel, I was truly on a 2 day drunk, and now know what you meant Carol, there is no cutting this capsule in half. I just didn't take any yesterday and I didn't sleep last night but I have my own head today, I just don't think I can tolarate it, not sure. :confused: Hope your toes are doing Ok Sue, I find when I sit too much, my feet burn more than usual, maybe your trip made your toes worse.Don't work too hard Carol, keep up the spirts girls, Don't know what I'd do without you right now. Got to get in shower, try to suffer through today, hopefully sleep tonight and watch a little football tomorrow. Thanks Girls.................Tomorrow.

Okie46 :wave:
Good morning all.

Took 1 vicoden yesterday at 4 then sat at the kitchen table for 4 hours studying (not sure much of it sank in with the buzz it gave me.. ;) ) then 1/2 an elavil at bedtime and slept from 9 til 7. My toes DO feel a lot better so guess if I can manage with it at nighttime instead of what you girls have to take during the day I should be happy.

How did you sleep Okie? Are you totally giving up on the lyrica? Hang in there, you're bound to find something that works....Did you say you took elavil before?

Yes Carol, I totally understand about the daughters...I have 4 brothers who lived within 9 miles of my mother and she moved 50 miles to be closer to the 2 daughters as she saw more of us than she saw of them....We'll pray the bonescan comes back clean; can't imagine anyone throwing anything else at me, in addition to work....

Not sure what I could offer on the book, I was a diaper-maker so I'd have to think about what my contribution would be.... How about you Okie???

Headed for a Super Bowl party later; it's at the neighbors so I can sneak out at half time if I need to... Take care all!
Good Morning Girls,
Well you made me laugh anyway Carol, not sure I could help on a book, I know I lived WAY too hard of a life and that's why I'm a mess now,OK GIRLS, I know what you are thinking, I Rode too much in Rodeo's and worked hard labor jobs until moving here 17 years ago, this job was sissy compared to others. I do feel for you Carol, My Mom is 82 and in MUCH better health than me, no pills of any kind and feels great, I'm very jealous of her, but will keep fingers crossed, all goes well with your Mom.
You are lucky on your pills Susie, hope my pain will soon be over, NO More Lyrica for me and Elavil was same way, I still take Robaxin occasionaly during day and percocet as needed, usually 2 a day and then 1/2 neurontin and 1 Soma at bedtime.
I was SOO hot during walk yesterday...SORRY :) Better leave early today before it reaches 80, then just me and Hubby for the game, rest early then Vegas in the morning :rolleyes: Talk to you guys sometime Tue. or Wed. Hope you are both as pain free as possible, please stay warm...Yea SEAHAWKS.......... :bouncing: I slept 10 hours last night,sure needed it as much as I need this post to talk to you. Have a good couple of days.

OKIE46 :wave:
Good luck today Okie-will be thinking about you. School's are closed here for a snowday. Will have to scramble and ship the kids off to the other grandma's for the day. We got 5 or 6", but the drifting is the worst. Keep warm Susie!

Still taking the Lyrica, but I've gained at least 5 pounds. I got on the scale last night, bad idea right before pigging out during the game! Oh well, we'll see if this makes a big enough difference to where it's worth it. More later . . .
Good Morning Girls,
Glad you guys have found your drug mixture, weight gain is OK Carol if it helps, I just had to quit it after only 2 days, Lyrica that is, your Sue sounds more workable. What a game, glad you guys were happy, I think the Texas Tech referee's were there, oh well, it's just a game and yes I do a lot more things standing up as well Sue. :)
AGAIN, NO HELP, I spent more time filling out paperwork than he spent time with me. Oh OUR office isn't set up to do any injections, HE ASKED ME what I thought was wrong, and then agreed, DAMN I spent a whole day and a tank of expensive gas for me to tell him the problem. I give up, going to suck it up, go back to work, guess it's in my head, nothing is wrong. Will call my boss this week and set up time to go back to work.
Wind is blowing, so hard to walk in, but it's warm. Got to go, talk to you tomorrow, stay warm.

Okie46 :wave:
Getting cabin fever here bad. Spent most of Friday at the hopsital, surgeon wants my mom to have a biopsy on Monday. The bone scan shows a large mass around her thigh but he says it would be unusual for cancer to show up there at her age. Apparently you normally see a spike somewhere else first. So he's not really sure what to think, but needs to rule out cancer.

I feel like the combination of things is draining me & the lyrica doesn't help. I think I would rather eat vicodin at this point. So will probably just take the lyrica at night for now. I was really hoping it was going to be my miracle pill. I know I should talk to my surgeon at some point, just don't know when. I'm afraid I'll get the standard, " You know nerves are notorious for healing slowly. . . "blah blah blah.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day, so probably won't check in for a few days. Thanks for the kind thoughts & prayers. I think maybe I've stalled as far as progress goes, but it sounds like this is common. We need to stay positive for each other. I'm going to go get a highlight-anything for a rush! woo hoo
Good Morning Girls,
I do feel for you, Carol, hard enough dealing with yourself and healing and Lyrica(that would be impossible for me) now your Mom. Do what you have to do to get through this, we'll be thinking of you. :angel:
Sue, you are a SUPER HERO, I can't even touch that kind of walk,you are an inspiration. Your toes are your biggest problem seems like and that should get better. My right foot has been so bad, it's hard to walk my usual 30 minutes, twice a day, I do it, but hard to get started. Yes, work should be better, I tell myself over & over.
Hubby is home, can't get anything done when he's here, after 30 years, they want ALL your attention. Got to go.....T omorrow..Stay well.

Okie 46 :wave:
Hi guys, hanging in there. Mom had her biopsy on Monday, but surgery was 5 hours behind. They kept her overnight because she was in so much pain. He went down to the marrow & gave her 10 staples-not what she had planned on, but better to do it right. At a glance the bone & surrounding area looked good, but will have to wait up to a week for results. I've been popping in when I can, as she's only 5 minutes from my work.

I've been having some back pain, like bad muscle spasms but on the opposite side of where my problem was & tailbone pain, like it's bruised. The back pain was stopping me in my tracks at first but has let up some now. When I lay flat on the floor I get a pop almost like my sacrum is out of place, then it feels better. What do you make of that? It started after I loaded the woodburner. I was so careful, but it's similar to the crouching position Susie mentioned. I'm wondering if it's the hardware & the fact I've been avoiding that position. I'm praying that it lets up. A vicodin seems to take care of it-along with the lyrica twice a day. I'm doing better with it, but some days I'm wiped out.
Finally got the report from Mom's surgeon. Tests revealed that it is a low level, stage one cancer. Lots of questions to be answered yet & they are referring us to Cleveland Clinic. Her surgeon said her age, 81, will make a difference in how they proceed. She took the news pretty well, we're kind of getting used to it. She seems to be getting along ok with vicodin, but I wonder if they could give her an anti-inflammatory, too. I'm having her over tomorrow for dinner, I know she needs to get out.

I've seen a big improvement in my pain level in the last week. Getting by with the lyrica & XS Tylenol at the end of the day. Ya know, I think the combination of work & PT was wearing me out. Glad I'm on my own now. I get up every morning, grab some coffee, stretch, & hop on the treadmill. Ok, most mornings. I can't wait for warmer weather because I know it will make a diference.

Going shopping with the 9 year old going on 20. Wish me luck. Girls are much more difficult to raise, I'm sure.