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I'm a 26/f. I applied for food stamps and cash assistance and dissability for my back, the immense increase in depression from all the pain and imobility, anxiety, and bad side effects , especially feeling very malaise with horrible headaches that never subsided from Lyrica. Even after a few weeks. I never do good with medicines. Anyway, All i got was food stamps (which is actually a big help) but I am in bad shape and need more. Dissability took me into consideration at "medically needy dissability" They have enough proof of my suffering before and after two surgeries on my back so they did not need more information regarding that, but i have to have a "mental evaluation" on dec 13 in order for them to decipher if i am elligible for the dissbaility benefits. I also applied for medicaid but i'm not considered disabled until i have suffered for i think its a yr with not relief from surgery. *sigh*

I am in a bad place, right now i live alone , my parents (well, mom, dad died when i was 14) are out of state and dont care enough to come visit me or cant b/c of financial reasons/work obligations. She lives with her boyfreind and pays for my rent out of state while i look for a roommate to cover bills etc. I went through the surgeries alone and it was scary. I got relief and then all the pain came back little by little over a month. Now, i think i have popped my disc for yet a thrid time and i have more pain in my back, shooting horrible pains i didnt have before surgery. Its a whole diff horrible pain ...before everything was concentrated on my leg, horrid pain that was relieved but in the process the surgery made it worse i guess. My ortheopedic surgeon is from the spine clinic in south florida and he has a fellowship so its not like I didnt have one of the best. He said he had to go deep, really deep and in the process scarred tissue and other things have come about which explains the leg pain which i can take as long as i dont sit walk very long. It sucks, but i can take it and wouldnt trade it for what i have now, in addition. So anyway, im pretty sure i popped it once again, this pain wasnt here a month ago....i have the same pain and its as worse as when it popped before so its off to another MRI for an hour and a half in the clostrophobic tunnel of hell.

He is supposed to be one of the best yet he wont consider me a cadidate for a f'ing atrificial disc replacement when im popping out left and right, litterally! He said if it pops again, he wants to do the least invasive type of fusion on me (less screws and bars i think) but he has told me over and over again that it may cause worse problems so i was taking a chance. This is the most horrible time in my whole life and its my prime, im a 26/f I have a lot ahead of me yet i dont see anything....i feel blinded to my future. I just want the pain to stop. I must have bent wrong or did something when i felt i was better when he told me to wean off the back brace.

Right now, the only thing i can see myself doing is continuing my certificate in medical information (all i ahve to do is pass a math test and im done..so id juust ahve to sit there for an hour or so) Then, i plan to find a part time job and some kind of carpool through voc rehab. I hope this is possible. And now im looking into starting a program on line to become a medical transcriptionist. It is isnt a hoax or scam , i know id be in good hands..its been approved by the BBB and the AAMT (Association of MT's) I think it would provide some sort of future for me as i can work at home at my relatively own pace and be my own boss. There are a lot of needy doctors out there and i'd love to contribute to the health industry, especially for people with mental and back issues. I have had some experience in this field in my tech class, so i know i'd enjoy it for the most part.

Well, anyway, that was getting offtrack, if anyone has any comments or advice on my scattered post, id really appreciate it :) Has anyone gotten benefits for their condition ? Do you work in this type of horrific pain? Sorry this was so long! ( see, im a perfect candidate for an MT lol) I try to keep a sens of humor and optomistic outlook but its so hard.