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Because I've been through four years of pain, 3 back surgeries and am still miserable, I have been hunting on the Internet trying to see if my pain could be something other than permanent nerve damage, which is what 3 doctors have told me is my diagnosis. They've all agreed that there is nothing they can do to fix me.
I found something called Piriformis Syndrome and many of the symptoms sound like what I'm dealing with. I have pain in my low back, out both glutes and down both legs. It goes all the way to my ankle on the left and into my calf on the right. The pain is a slicing, electrical, hot pain that puts me down for the count. It is the very worst in my left hip; so bad in fact I thought my hip was the problem until it went to my right as well. Sitting is torture. Standing for more than a few minutes, also a problem. In fact, being still for any length of time is a problem. As you can probably guess, this makes sleeping interesting. My life is pretty much revolving around pain now. In fact, I'm here writing with ice packs all over my legs so that I can stand to sit here long enough to write it all out. I attempted sleep but ..well, you know.
Anyway, I see a PM but we're getting nowhere. I take Lorcet and Lyrica currently but the Lorcet hasn't been helping for nearly 3 months. I've told the PM this but he doesn't seem to hear me. I continue to take it because being totally without something is even worse than taking it. Also, I do aqua physically therapy but again, there's been no improvement with it. I don't want to give it up because while I'm doing it, it helps and I'd much rather be active. I want very badly to do something to help myself.
Sorry to have been so winded to get to my question which is this - have any of you experienced my symptoms AND been told it's Piriformis? If yes, were you able to get relief and if you did, PLEASE share what helped. I WANT A LIFE!!!!!!!!