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I have VERY similar dx/exp. I have DDD in C3-4-5, T10-11-12, and L1-2-3. To date there has been NO imaging of my Sacroiliac or Coccyx. Images were via MRI. I have lateral recess stenosis and multiple bulging/ruptured discs. I have diffuse (meaning everywhere) facet joint arthritis. I have pain throu out my body which my PM refers to as Myofascial Pain Syndrome. How you can actually not scan the entire spine when there is this much damage to what we already see is beyond me! I too am out of work since Agust 2005. I have just be REapproved for SSD. I HATE being out of work and POOR. However I cannot handle being in so much pain that I can hardly think much less move. In addition to my back pain, I have severe hip, neck, shoulder and elbow pain--which I guess is referred from the nerves in my back. I take 60mg of MSContin ER 3x a day and 15mg of Morpine IR for Breakthrough Pain 2x a day. I take 6mg of Zanaflex, 150mg of Lyrica, and 300mg of Topomax. Honestly--it doesn't touch it. I feel SO discouraged. The only thing that helps me is knowing that I have my once a month appointment with my PM Doc--where I can tell him "Hey this is getting worse" and hope he'll do something--like switch me to a different med--eventually! This is a "Long Haul" scenario. There are no quick fixes. I watched my Dad (my condition is hereditary) go through surgery after surgery looking for the magic fix. All it did was make his back less flexible, until now he has to rotate from the hips instead of turn his head, has had 23 surgeries to date, and has a morphine pump implanted in his abdomen. He's a mess. I don't want to start down that road. The surgeries never "Lasted".