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Hi, In the past 6+ years I have tried many anti-seizure meds to control my nerve pain .
I began with "nureontin", all I got from that was fat and brain fog.then I tried "gabitril" didn't help, went to "keppra" and it's a wonder I didn't go to jail, I had such uncontrollable fits of rage, though it did help some with the pain, then I tried "zonegrain" that really helped but I had a terrible allergic reaction to that.
I have a script filled for "lyrica" for a couple of months now but have been leary of starting it, though I have hear more good then bad, who knows.
I did start "cymbalta" this pass summer and it has helped a lot with the nerve pain and with the depression I was having from all these years of dealing with CP.
Good Luck I hope you find one that helps, I'm pretty sure I'm missing one or two others I treid but can't remember.
Hi, Linda ~ :wave:

Thanks for the info. I've been on Topamax, Zonegran & Keppra. HORRIBLE reaction to Topamax & poor results w/ all. Just started on Lyrica 75 mg. 2 days ago. It seems to be working (altho they all did at 1st) w/ the only 2 obvious side effects being malaise & some taste loss. (Will wait until after church tomorrow to take it so my snoring doesn't drown out the sermon :D) The proof of effectiveness won't come until I've been on it for a while. One of the primary side effects is weight gain, & I'll live w/ the radiculopathy B4 I'll tolerate any more weight gain! One very positive thing is that it does also seem to be helping the facet pain as well as the nerve pain. I only needed 15 mg. of MS yesterday!

I don't understand why the gastric reaction is not mentioned in the literature for any of these drugs! That's the reaction that's been common to all of them for me, and now I'm hearing about others w/ the same problem. Since I only have the radiculopathy when I stand & walk, I'd rather have that than the abdominal pain I've had w/ these AEDs!!!

If I strike out w/ Lyrica, I'll keep Cymbalta in mind as an alternative since you apparently have had no reaction to it & it's helped you.

Appreciate the input...thanx again! :)

Midge :angel:
Midge, so you know I didn't mention that cymbalta is also listed as a anti-depressant and for nerve pain.
As I said it has helped me a lot.
I hope the lyrica helps you, I'm seeing a new PM Tue. for a consult so will wait and see how that goes before starting mine.
Linda ~

I've been on an anti-depressant for years due to a genetic neuro-chemical imbalance. I was doing fine on 1/2 the normal dose of Celexa until I went on Keppra. Suddenly I was depressed again! I'll take a med that's also an anti-depressant over one that has a side effect of causing depression any day!!! Since the literature on Lyrica says it's contraindicated for people w/ bleeding disorders & I have a genetic clotting dysfunction, I think I'm going to check w/ my neuro on Mon. about the advisability of staying on Lyrica (especially since I'm already experiencing taste loss & that was the 1st negative symptom w/ Topamax...the drug from h-e-double hockey sticks.) I'm going to check the professional info on Cymbalta & if it looks like there's nothing to prevent me from taking it, will ask my neuro to switch me on Mon.

Do you have any negative reactions to Cymbalta??? Would appreciate your input B4 switching!


Midge :cool:

PS. So sorry to hear about your MS. Will keep you in my prayers. :angel:

PPS. Just checked the PDR info on Cymbalta...primary side effects are weight gain & gastritis. Since I've been hospitalized 3x w/ bleeding ulcers, I guess I'd better pass on trying this one!! I'll stay w/ the Lyrica for now as long as they say it won't be a problem w/ my von Willebrand's (the bleeding disorder). Whoever said life begins at 40 hadn't gotten there yet!! That's when I started falling apart!!
Thanks for the tip, Dave. :) I've been on Prilosec for so many years, maybe it's time for a change. As far as AEDs go, Topamax did NOTHING for me, so I won't go back to that one, but am currently trying Lyrica. My biggest concern w/ this one is that the primary side effect is weight gain. Since there's something about my metabolism that causes all pain meds to make me gain weight, I don't need an AED that does the same thing! :( Will have to see what happens. I'm definitely going to call my PCP tomorrow about a switch from Prilosec, though.

Thanks for your advice. :cool:

Midge :angel: