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I asked my PM about the Botox and was turned down. He said that it was just another diagnostic tool and since they knew the root of the problem, my SI joint and a muscle, that it would not do any good. What exactly are the Botox shots being used for?

It may not be Botox...that's what Quietcook said it probably was. My doc said this is something that will permanently destroy the nerves inside the facets so that the pain impulses are no longer transmitted to the brain.
rlsmas: If I am not mistaken isn't OA arthritis, and arthritis is bone spurs?

I'm retired from a profession that we're not allowed to mention on the board, but suffice it to say that I have medical background. Yes, OA is osteoarthritis (as opposed to RA which is Rheumatoid arthritis). However, bone spurs are a RESULT of OA, they are not synonymous w/ OA.

This would cause inflammation, which in turn would cause pain. He he trying to do anything to get the inflammation down?

I am limited in the anti-inflammatories I can take b/c of a genetic bleerding disorder & a history of chronic medication-induced bleeding gastric ulcers. I take as much Naproxyn (Aleve) as my stomach will tolerate. That's the only anti-inflam. my bleeding disorder will allow me to take other than tylenol which does no good at all. Arthritis itself is an inflammatory process. (Medically speaking, the suffix "itis" means inflammation of. The prefix "arth" means joints.)

Where are the nerves involved? Is there a disc impinging on a nerve? Or a bone spur? Can you have the bone spur removed?

My entire L/S spine is involved. There are no spurs, but I do have stenosis of the openings that some of the spinal nerves go through. The stenosis is caused by the build up of arthritic placque. One nerve is being impinged on & I am on Lyrica for the resulting radiculopathy.

Also, have they determined why you have arthritis? Did you have an injury? Fall? Twist? Arthritis is the body's way of trying to shore things up. Have they addressed the muscles? Have you in PT?

This is strictly a case of heredity. My great grandfather, grandmother, mother, uncle, sister & I all have arthritis. My mom, sister & I all have back problems, & my mom was just diagnosed w/ a spine that's in almost identical condition to mine. Arthritis can be a result of injury, however there is also a genetic factor & that's the one that got me. I expect that at least my older son will have the same problem since he fell 30' out of a tree & had compresion fractures of 7 vertebrae when he was 14. Also, yes, I've had PT several times...it didn't help.

I would be taking in a list of concerns and talking about each and every one of them. You are paying, "him". I know that when I get to the Doc's I always get nervous so I take a list. I always let them know before hand that I want a high level visit so I don't get the five minute brush off.

As for the shots that they are going to give you, make sure that you are completely comfortable with the procedure and the person giving the shots or you will tense up and that is a bad thing.


I'm comfortable w/ my doc. I especially appreciate the fact that he treats me as a professional. My last neuro was the neuro from h-e-double hockey sticks!! This one is great! He's working w/ me to do everything we possible can.

Thanks for your reply.

I'm keeping all of you in my prayers.

Midge :angel: