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Please bear with me. Pain started in both hips. Then one leg started not to work , dragging, just some times. Then stiffness in lower back. All over about 2 years time. Been doctoring for 3 months. Ortho shot me for bursitis, no help. MRI done , showed buldging disc pinching nerve. Spine Dr. said nothing that needed surgery, said do Physical Therapy exercises, take Lyrica. Lyrica helps, but not a cure. Had epidural injection Monday, no help. Most of pain is in hips, both of them. Gets worse at night , wakes me. Have kept doing exercises, walk on treadmill everyday etc. So have done everything told to do and pain in hips getting worse. Extremely frustrated. Am an avid golfer, 60 yrs old. Want a cure not just something to cover it up. Even tried chiro decompression therapy. No help. Any advice ? Thanks