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Hi, everyone.

I went to my doctor today and thought she might be able to tell me why so much pain beside the back and shooting leg pain, but no luck. She did give me a prescription for Lyrica.

I am hypothyroid and all of the pain meds., muscle relaxers, and NSAIDs they have given me so far have worked against my thyroid and made me gain a terrible amount of weight. I sure don't want to balloon up further, but am ready for some relief from the pain.

If anyone is taking Lyrica or has taken it, I am interested in hearing from you about your experience with it.



I was given a perscription for Lyrica and had a bad reaction it it, I felt dazed and dizzy and just plain out of it. I only took 2 doses and then I called my doctor and he said to stop it immediatly. You can gain a lot of weight on this medication but I think that everyone is different, hopefully you will hear from
others who have had good results. It just wasn't for me.
Thanks for your response, Deb. I have only taken 3 doses so far and even with the first one, feel drunk. Inspite of all the medications (Lodine 400, Flexeril 10, Lortab 10/500, and Lyrica 50), I didn't sleep at all last night from 1:30 AM to 6:30 AM (I had a brief nap in recliner from 12 to 1:00), then managed 3 hours before waking up. Just hurts so bad all the time. The Lyrica did seem to knock it down a little bit, but far from tollerable. Were your doctors able to give you something for nerve pain that you could tollerate?