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Hey all, from what my neurologist and neurosurgeon told me is that it takes time for the damage to heal. I had dic surgery in June 2002, and it took over a year and a half to really feel "normal", whatever that is...lol. I now take Lyrica for a neck injury I sustained in October 2005. It helps some, but I know now I just have to hang in there. I would, however, definitely get checked by your doctor(s) to make sure everything is healing as it should. Hope you all feel much better soon!
~Mim :wave:
I am so, so sorry you are having this continued pain. I sustained nerve damage during a routine laproscopic gallbladder surgery. The nerve damaged is a pure sensory nerve called the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. It is purely sensory, which is a blessing, however, it sends out constant and varying types of pain because of it. I am in pain about 22-23 hours a day. My pain is from my lower back starting about L-3, it goes down both sides of my back through my pelvis and down my thighs to my knees. My point in telling you my story is so that you know I really am familiar with nerve pain and also so that you don't feell all alone in this terrible battle.

Frustration over the fact that something that was suppose to help us actually wound up hurting us is another thing we have in common. It's a
really hard "pill" to swallow isn't it.

I go to a pain clinic and have for 18 months. I have had many different medication combos trying to find the one that would work for the above described and give a little relief from the arthritis I also have which is pretty severe in my right hip.

My doc has just added Lyrica to my regime and I seem to be tolerating it well. He added it to Cymbalta which I have had for about 2 1/2 months and a dose twice a day of a low dose Oxycodone. I also have one muscle relaxer at bedtime. You mentioned a "nerve narcotic" in your post. Would you mind telling me the name?

I have had all the tests too, including the EMG. Turns out I think they just wanted to made sure that I had not created all this in my min.d The LFCN is too narrow to show up on any xray or physical test. The EMG however did confirm which nerve.

Please feel better and keep searching for the right meds. A.K.