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Hi, Cornburner.

3 years!!! OhMyGosh! I've been dealing with WC for 6 months and it's been awful. First it took 2 weeks to get in to a physical therapist. By then, I was in worse shape than right after the accident and the 1st therapist I got in to, yanked on my leg so hard, I almost came off the table. He said he was trying to align my pelvis. Ha! I was in even worse shape after that.

Another week of delays and I finally got in to the therapist that my Orthopedist wanted me to see, but after 2 months, they threw up their hands and sent me packing.

I love my Ortho...he's a family friend, but not a spine specialist. He only gave me increasing doses and formulations of different medications, none of which helped and most of which I had reactions to. Then he wanted me to have ESI's, but I started running low grade fever and kept having to cancel the procedure. I was also having a lot of pain all over my body, not just my back and legs. Six weeks later, I saw a Rheumy doctor for tests that turned up nothing, so he sent me to another doctor for evaluation for ESI's. Because I had a really bad reaction to the oral steroids the Ortho gave me at the beginning and I also researched the procedure and after reading the Burton Report and writing to the FDA and confirming with them that Depomedrol and Kenalog are not approved for epidural injection (these are the 2 drugs that the 2 different places use), the PM doctor decided that I was not a good candidate for the ESI's and referred me to a Pain Management clinic that does integrated therapy...doctor for medications, Physical therapist, and psychologist. Meanwhile, I went to see my DO to get some test results from a bone scan she had done before the accident and she prescribed Lyrica for my nerve pain out of pity.

I went to the PM clinic for evaluations and the doctor prescribed additional medications, saying she was not happy with what I was taking, but I had a bad reaction to either the Lyrica or the Zanaflex she prescribed and had to come off of them until the reactions subsided. I'm only taking the Lyrica now with Lidoderm patches for 12 hours. In a few more days, I'll try taking the Zanaflex and see if I react again.

Anyway, they said at the PM clinic that they will have to get approval from WC for treatment and warned me that it could be weeks before they can get me back in...even that WC might turn it all down in which case they will appeal.

What I really like about WC is that as soon as the ESI doc said I wasn't good for the procedure, WC set me up with a Designated Doctor to evaluate me for MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement). I had to see him yesterday. He said that I am obviously not at MMI with my back, but thinks that I may have another problem and need to go outside of WC to a neurologist, so I'm dealing with trying to find a good neuro that will take my insurance.

After the initial delays with PT, I hired a lawyer in the hope that WC wouldn't screw me around too much, but who knows. I can't see that it's helped a whole lot. do you have an attorney working on your case?

Golly, if you're in increasing pain, you really need to get some treatment, not just settle with WC. Make them pay to make you better.

Anyway, my friend, I hope you are feeling much better and pain free very soon. Best of luck with WC.