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Hi girls! I tried some yardwork the other day, not sure I would recommend it. LOL I know, that's why I have kids, right? I'm just so sick of not being able to do what I want now that the weather is getting decent. But, I'm improving. I haven't had to take any vicodin for several days, just some ibuprofen along with the lyrica. I can really tell when it's time for the lyrica, hope I can wean off of it sometime. It's terrible on the libido. Always something.

Spent yesterday at the hospital, mom seems to be improving. I worry that she won't get the therapy that she needs at the nursing home though. They tell me she would rather lay in bed than go to PT. I guess I can relate, I surely got sick of going. At least she will get more company once she moves.

Gotta go teenager wants the phone. Have a good week ladies.
Hi everyone. Had a nice time in Cincinnati, weather was incredible. No winnings though, slots were cold. It's just not the same as Reno.

I stopped taking the lyrica this week. I started feeling tired all of the time & just couldn't get moving. I really don't notice a big difference now that I've stopped other than not sleeping as well. And maybe a little down. I do have some valium left from surgery & wonder if that might help at night. I remember the surgeon saying I could take that thru spring if needed. It's probably similar to Elavil, don't you think?

Mom's doing ok, but asking me how long she's going to be there. She's really not strong enough to bring her home for Easter, so we will spend some time there tomorrow. I hope this gets easier, I'm really bummed out about it. I think I'm going to get her a phone so we can call every day.

Have a great Easter. Hope everyone has a pain-free weekend.
Morning Girls,
It really got hot here, the last 2 days have been 98 degrees, so can't walk very far in afternoon. Glad you had a good time Carol, MY opinion is, as long as you take it at night, like I do my Soma, I think it's OK, I'm not REAL sure but think Elavil, Soma, Valium are all pretty much muscle relaxers, we have to do something to rest after our bodies have pushed so hard all day to TRY to be normal :confused: Other than my stomach it is now only my feet that are the worse and boy are they bad today even after walking, which usually helps, my right one is killing me right now. I think you will notice a difference in your energy after quitting the Lyrica, man that drug did me in, I have a full script with 6 refills, no way will I take that again but it helped lots of people including you.
Got to get busy and get some things done before gets too hot and before Hubby gets home, He wants all the attention...HA! ;) Have a good weekend girls as pain free as possible and sleep as well as possible, I do love a decent night of sleep, it's precious. :)

Okie46 :wave:
Good morning all, hope everyone had a good weekend. Busy here, cooked dinner for a small crowd, ate way too much!

I'm probably going to call my PCP as this pain in my thigh isn't getting any better. The surgeon's told me I needed to stretch it, and that it can't be related to the surgery since the nerve that tweaks the adductor muscle in the thigh is at L1 or 2? The stuff I found says more like L4; has anyone had problems with their thigh either before or after surgery? The easiest way to describe it: When I lay on my back with knees bent and let my knees fall apart, I have pain/tightness in the left thigh, where the pubis and thigh come together in the front. Looks like the adductor brevis muscle on a chart? I noticed it a few weeks after surgery, and while I don't think it's any worse now, it's no better either. I'm trying to stretch it but it's not getting any better. Guess I'll try heat again unless anyone has any other suggestions. L4 looks good on the side view x-ray and everything else related to the fusion looks good as far as being lined up. If the nerve is still irritated I'm sure it's a matter of time, but feel like they aren't hearing word I'm saying.....

That said, elavil is working well for me now. Seems like I'm getting the best of all it has to offer - pain relief, anti-depressant (I get real stressed out about some things when I go off it) and 2 makes me sleep like a rock! But when it wears off (around 1 PM) the pain seems even more distracting so I find myself hitting the vicoden pretty regularly again until time for my next elavil dose. Just ticks me off because this is supposed to be getting easier not worse :confused:

In the 60's again for a few days but hubby had to mow a patch in the front yard yesterday, and dandelions are starting to run rampant. ;)

Carol hoping your mom is doing better, and hooray for you on getting rid of the lyrica. Gives me hope there IS light at the end of the tunnel as far as healing for me. Hope your foot feels better Okie. Take care all!
Hi Ladies :wave:
Have any of you taken Lyrica? My doctor just switched me from Neurontin to Lyrica, yesterday. I am finding that it makes me sooooo sleepy. :yawn: More so than the Neurontin.

Hope you are all doing well!!
Morning All,
Yes scbmxmom, I too took Lyrica and BOY did it not do well by me, tried it for 3 days and like you was so tired and drunk, I gave it up and went back to neurontin, I take very little of it anymore, but like Pooby said everyone is different on their drugs, Carol was taking Lyrica and it worked well for her I think, but I couldn't. Today was the first time in 3 days my feet have been bad, so will probably take the neurontin at bedtime tonight. I took it twice a day for a long time then they gave me a stronger mg and I had to cut it in half, it really felped my nerve pain that was the worse for me, now it's only my feet, right foot mainly, that I have a problem with. You just have to figure out the right cocktail for you. :confused: Today the humidity was bad for me and I hurt all over, so had to take percocet early, BUT didn't take but 1 during the last 2 days, so every day is different. Keep us informed and we'll try to support you, we've been there.
Got company coming, got to get busy, Have a good day everyone.Tomorrow.

Okie46 :wave:
Hi Okie46 & Susiegirl :wave:
Thanks for the info. I still trying to find the right "cocktail". I'm 12 weeks post op. and again, I think I'm expecting to much. I WANT to be off all meds. but I know I have to except that isn't going to happen, just yet. For the past two weeks I had to start taking Vicodin, again. I had been off the narcotic pain meds. and was only taking Neurotin 900mg, Flexeril 10mg, ibuprophrin, and occasionally XST. But then something happened. Not sure what. :confused: I had to increase my Neurontin to 1800 mg and started taking 1/2 Percocet several times a day. My doctor then put me on the Lyrica 150mg and Vicodin. I saw where some had said they could not take ibuprophren after a fusion so I call my doctor and they said it was fine. I HOPE they are right. Anyway, I finally feel like I'm getting adjusted to the Lyrica. :bouncing: I had two GREAT days on Thursday and Friday. I thought FINALLY I've made a turn!! I didn't even have to take the Vicodin. Then I woke up this morning and could hardly move. Even taking a deep breath hurt! :eek: I've slept most of the day because of the meds.

It is SOOO hot & humid here in the south today. I know the cold weather will bother my back, but I read where several of you have commented on the humidity. Can that affect you as well? If so, I 'm scr***d, living in the south. Sorry this is so long. Hope you all are doing well. Thanks for letting me join in. I'll learn to shorten my posts, I PROMISE. :rolleyes: Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!
Morning Girls,
Had 2 good days, so nice, no humidity, so felt good after Sat when it was so high and yes scbmxmom, I WAS from South so when I go back, it kills me, can't wait to get back to desert :cool: We all were proud to be off our meds, then had to start them again as the other pains settled in, mainly nerve pain and we figure out how to get through the day with the meds we have. :confused: Today is great, have only had 1/2 percocet and 1/2 robaxin, but know tomorrow can throw me to the wolves before I wake up, so am happy for the good days. Got the house re-cleaned, the new company comes Wed. and stays through the weekend, and they stay where my puter is, so if I miss some days, I'll get back ASAP :) Hope you all are doing OK, scbmxmom, are you still trying LYRICA, I rarely go back to neurontan but DO when feet are real bad, you'll figure it out. Don't you hate breaking in new shoes Sue, I need to do that and am dreading it. Hope you all have a good day, just talk away scbmxmom, we've all been there and will be there for you as well........Pain free I hope............Tomorrow, maybe? ;)

Okie46 :wave:
Morning Girls,
WELL , I HAD 2 good days, but got up this morning with my foot killing me, can hardly walk so going to set out on my long walk before gets too hot, and it will today, about 100 this afternoon but still walk at least 15 min in the heat. Well, I'll be thinking of you and your test Sue, stress will make the pain worse for sure :nono: I clean house and feel OK, but let some medical bills show up and I'm in terrible shape, barely move. You'll do fine and if everyone knows you well enough, they will just Shutup and stay out of your way until you pass the test and YOU WILL. My company shows up in the morning instead of today , so have a short rest period and boy Scbmxmom, hope you are doing OK with your Lyrica, it takes a week or so to get used to some drugs before you know they are helping. Have a good All, hope you and Mom are OK Carol.......PAIN FREE, yeah right :D

Okie 46 :wave:
Howdy :wave:

I started PT yesterday. It went well. If I remember correctly some of your doctors did not recommend PT. I guess each doc is different. I hope I have good results. The therapist at PT had me does some strength test, she watched my walk, and she took some measurements of my back while standing and bending. She said I definetly have some nerve impingment going on. During the walking test, I WAS able to walk on just my toes but I WAS NOT able to walk on my left heel. I couldn't keep toes on that side. There is signifigant strength loss in the leg as well. Now the trick is to deteremine whether the nerve is still being compressed by something in my back or if it is something that will improve overtime. I will go to PT 3 times a week until the end of June. I hope it also helps me loss the 30+ lbs. I've gained :eek: !

I'm still taking th Lyrica (150mg 2x's a day) and I sure can tell when it time for another dose. (The sleepiness has improved. :bouncing:) If I wait to long I end up pacing in tears. I'm only taking th Vicodine during extreme pain. I'm also still taking the Flexeril as well as ibuprophren. It's funny some days the ibuprophren does the trick and other days the Vicodin hardly touches the pain. It's so confusing & frustrating. I can usually tell by how I feel when I roll out of bed. If it only hurt a little it will be a good day, if the pain took my breath away, it's going to be a terrible day.

The weather can't make up it's mind, we have gone from Monday in the 90's and by the end of the week in the 70's. Either way, in the south it's HUMID!! YUCK!!

Enjoy your day ladies!!!!
Hi guys, sorry I disappeared for a while. Things have not been good with my mom. I had a call at 4:15 Tues. morning to meet her in the ER because she was having abdomianl pains. She has pneumonia, blood clots in her lungs & new tumors. They admitted her & while they were doing more scans they dropped her & she hit her head. So, they had to watch her for concussion & bleeding because she's on blood thinners. She has a huge bruise on the back of her head & upper arm. Now I know why hospitals need malpractice insurance!! The nurses sent her flowers today & the risk management people are all over it wanting to know what they can do for us. On top of all that they told us today that mom has mets on her ribs, spine, pelvis, etc. These weren't there two months ago. It is really agressive, but she doesn't want treatment, it wouldn't help much and she's weak too begin with. We just saw her surgeon before all of this & he was so pleased with her progress. He cautioned us that we would have to watch her though. I don;t think he expected this.

I'm doing ok, just weary about what's coming & when. He said maybe 6 months without treatment, maybe sooner. They don't know. I've sure been going through the vicodin. Oh, I'm back on the lyrica. I was getting really depressed & the nerve pain was pretty bad. If I have to do this for a few months, so be it.

SC, I can tell when it's time for the Lyrica, too. Every 12 hours. I think overall it has helped me, but it can make you feel really drained at times. It depends what I have going on how it affects me. Right now it's probably keeping me from wigging out.

I may not get the chance to check in so often, but I will try.
Hi :wave:

Carol, sorry to hear your mom isn't doing well. I pray she is comfortable and for your family. :angel:

Hope all are having a good weekend! I feel the Lyrica is now working well. I seem to have adjusted to the sleepiness. :yawn: It have really helped with the nerve pain, but so did the Neurontin. I think I have made another turn towards getting better. I have quit taking the Flexeril and I only take the Vicodin about 1 every other day. I either need it first thing in the morning or late at night. I've been having problems with my right hip (the nerve being compromized was on the left). I'm not sure if this is from overuse or what. I do tend to put my weight on that leg/hip. I get scared that something might be going on on the right side now. :eek: But the Lyrica doesn't take away the pain in that hip so I don't think it is a nerve. The Vicodine doesn't touch it either. Ibuprophren seems to help it so it must just be inflammed. Who know's :confused:

I had a strange "spell" last Thursday. I lost some sight in my left eye. It was like a had a hole in my vision. My cheek then got numb and tingly and I had pressure in my head. (no headache) I called my doctor and he ordered my to the ER ASAP. My BP was 150/120. The did a CT scan, EKG, and some blood work. All came out fine. The DR. said it could have been the "aura" before the onset of a mirgraine or TIA (mini-stroke). I had and MRI on Friday and Monday I go for an ultrasound on my arteries in my neck. The doctor is certain it is mirgraine related. I didn't realize you could have migraines without headache. I know I do get quite a few headaches but I didn't think they where migraines. Wish me luck on my test results. Unfortunately there is no test for migraines, so they have to rule out everything else. My doctor also said it could be the Lyrica. I'm on a pretty high dose (150mg 2x's day). But he said if I was going to have a reaction to the med. it should have happened in the first week.

Sorry for going on and on! :rolleyes: Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!! :wave:
That's scary DD. After my fusion I had complications with spinal fluid leaking, my surgeon nicked the dural sac because I had so much scar tissue. I had those symptoms about a week after surgery; aura, loss of peripheral vision and severe headache. I'm sure that's not your case this far out from surgery, but it is very scary. After a week of bed rest with a lumbar drain it finally went away. You should have seen the lump on my back-it looked like I had an Idaho potato under my skin. After that I said no more surgery-never again.

I thought that my vision was a little blurry when I first started the lyrica, so that may be it. I hope this improves for you. Isn't it awful what we go through. Evberyone thinks "Oh, you had the surgery, aren't you pain free now?" I'm so tired of telling everyone that it takes time to heal nerves.

Anyhow, I really need support to get back on the treadmill. I just don't want to do it-I've been in a daze with everything else. I'm still stretching though. I figure I probably get a mile in every time I go to the hospital-does that count? What I really need to do is walk these hills. Maybe I can work up to it, I'm just afraid I'll be worse after. There's no flat area on this property. Funny now that I think about it-that's why we moved here, because of the rolling hills.

Wanted to check in before I head out the door, I'm thinking about you guys, too.
Good Morning Girls,
I'm back, VERY TIRED, but had a fun weekend, amazing how tired you get just from walking and staying up and about and not resting when you need to, it drains you. I'm not too bad, hard time sleeping and foot didn't bother me too much. I don't know how I will hold up for 2 weeks in a dead run back in OK, I was so tired after all this company and moving about. There was 75,000 Harleys and people in our little town and so many vendors and they wanted to see them all, weather was nice, didn't reach 100 degrees until Sun., so not bad for running around, you just get out of your routine and that's hard :eek:
Sue, I can't wait to see how you do on your test, I think you will p[*** with flying colors, your feet however will be upmost in your mind. As one of you said, after this long we should be pain free, BUT we just have different ones to deal with.
Carol, so sorry about your Mom and your trouble, family problems are hard, I'm dealin with a different kind, but it's hard, Try to think of you first and remember we're praying for you, Daily.
SCMOM, You are doing better with Lyrica sounds like, but I had a cousin had the same thing happen to her you described and it was a freak piece of plack(spell?) like on your teeth had floated up to the eye to cause that, they said it was good it didn't go to brain, but it was done deal and no problems at all afterwards,just a freak thing that can happen.
Got to get around, already getting warm. tomorrow girls, have a good day, walk as much as possible, get different shoes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sue, sounds like to me.

OKIE46 :wave:
Hi all; just wanted to check in real quick; the days are going by QUICK and don't know what I'll do next week when there's no studying to do! I think I'm prepared and as long as I don't get a brain fart I'll be okay :D . I've done everything I can do to get stuff to stick in my brain and if it's not there it's not for lack of trying!

Carol hope your family is doing okay; like Okie said don't forget to take care of you too. That means, GET ON THE TREADMILL if you must....but get outside to walk (yes, the hills!)if you can; just go a little further as you can and next thing you know, you'll be racing up the hills ;)

Guess you'd better rest up for the trip to OK huh Okie? Stamina, that seems to be a common complaint....does it ever come back....

SC, hope you've got your problems straightened out; glad the lyrica is working for you.

Went into the plant on Monday, they seemed happy with the doc saying June 1 but with limited duty not sure what they'll have me do. It's a 40 minute drive in but I don't think I can do 4 hours a day yet so I may end up spending most of my time driving to and fro. I spent 3 hours there between my appointment and talking with people and didn't take my vicoden and played catchup with the pain for 2 days plus I was exhausted...I really don't expect to be back by that date, and with the narcotics I'm not sure it's allowable so we'll see....

Have a good day all; talk to you tomorrow!
:wave: Hi All!! :wave:

I haven't posted in a while because I've been sooooo busy!! My PT is going well, I can tell the difference it has made in my low back pain. HOWEVER, my "right" hip is giving me problems now. As you may recall my "nerve" problems are on my "left" side. So the right hip is something different??????? The therapist gave me an SI belt to wear. I go back to the doctor next week, so maybe he can give me an answer on what it is.

The therapist says I AM making improvements and that my left leg has gotten stronger. But she is concerned about the nerve pain and numbness I STILL have in my left leg. She says the exercises/stretches that she has me doing should be relieving any compression on the nerve, therefore I should see some improvement with the nerve pain & the numbness but I'm not. The nerve pain is under control as long as I keep up on my doses of Lyrica. BUT I CAN'T LOSE WEIGHT!!! :confused:

My job is going GREAT!!! I'm only part-time right now but will go full-time in a week or so. I just pray my back holds up. I REALLY need to keep this job!!!

I'll stop blabbing!! I hope you all are doing well!! :angel:
Hi guys, thought I should check in. Having a tough time the last few weeks - I know it will get better, but it hasn't been easy. Trying to keep busy, kids last day of school is tomorrow.

My biggest complaint painwise is my taibone & my neck, it's really been painful. Neck pain usually goes away through the day, but my tailbone doesn't. If I'm sittting & lift my right leg it's painful, too. I don't know if it's nerves or another disc. I called the surgeon since I'm thinking the worst like my hardware has moved or something. The receptionist said they will probably order tests. I did tell them I've been under a lot of stress. We go on vacation in 2 weeks so this needs to get better real fast. You know, it's odd because right around Easter I was not taking much at all.

Okie, I'm glad you got some relief, finally. Susie, I'm like you-if I take the vicodin it gets me through. I just want to have some energy again. I swear this Lyrica just sucks it up. So, maybe it's time to try something new. I will keep you posted.

Morning All,
So Sue, does it mean you got the job you wanted or you deciding, haven't read everything yet, just skimed through. Carol, hang in there, I was the same at the time I should have been better I got worse, we all have so many ups and downs, it's unreal. I did better than I thought on trip, but feet killed me a few days, now my rt' arm is numb and fingers are really hurting, hope just from stress of trip. Carol, the Lyrica really sucks up energy, if you could go back to some of my early posts, that was a BIG problem with me :eek: But found some vitamins at health store that helped BUT getting off neurontin helped the most, you will know what do do in time.
Hope I'm going to stay on Disability, will go to SOCIAL SECURITY DR. on the 17th for their decision, who knows, have to walk now, been beautiful and cool in morning.A/C on by noon, which is good for here at this time of year. Stay pain free ALL.Tomorrow.

OKIE46 :wave: