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Can anyone tell me about thier experiences with Neurontin? What about taking it with pain meds like vicodin? I'm seeing my NS tomorrow and would like to ask some appropriate questions. Are there other nerve meds available? Tried Lyrica, had swollen ankes and had to stop.
I'm 4 weeks post-op after an L4-5 foraminotomy and am still having lumbar and leg pain. The weird thing is when I lay down my back is better and my leg is worse. The reverse is true when I stand or sit. I'm not sleeping very well either and would appreciate any thoughts on meds for that. Right now I take lorazapam at night along with the vicodin.
300 mg nerontin worked well for me with percocet for nerve pain and muscle spasms, could not take Lyrica, bad drunk feeling with it. Good news is it gets better after awhile and you don't need meds. A higher dose of neurontin was not good for me,1 DR. put me on 800 mg and had to go back to 300 mg. now 5 months post op and I don't need them at all, but sure helped during healing process. Good Luck