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Hi, Mel! I had my first micro disectomy in June of 2004(only one heniated disc was operated on), the second one in November of 2005. The first one resulted in a reherniation(I have a desk job) and no relief whatsoever. The second time around, the Dr. removed both damaged discs. I still have problems with the nerves, but have been told it can take several months for the nerves to heal. Next surgery is a fusion at 2 levels. Once a herniated disc is operated on, it can reherniate, and it puts more stress on the other discs. First surgery was done by a Neurosurgeon, second was performed by a Spine Specialist. I am still taking prescribed muscle relaxers, pain meds, and now Lyrica(feel like a walking drug store). Listen to what the Dr.s tell you during recovery. You have the final say as to the surgery----you do not have to have it done if you don't want to. Have you tried Physical Therapy to build up the other muscles?
Hi, again, Mel. Have you gotten a second opinion yet? Has your Dr. tried you on any nerve pain pills(such as Lyrica or Gelapatin)? Everyone responds to surgery differently, and the same goes for recovery. Some people heal and respong faster than others. Always try your best to maintain a positive attitude. Listen to what the Dr. tells you to do after surgery. Take things slow. Humor is good to have, you never know when you will need a good laugh! If you sneeze or cough, it will hurt, so try to hold in your stomach muscles. One other sound piece of advise is to take stool softeners after surgery as the pain meds cause constipation. Drink lots of fluids. Make a list of questions to take in with you to the Dr. appointment. I can't tell you if you will be in pain after the surgery or if your symptoms will go away. You will be sore afterwards. Nerves take time to heal, sometimes as loing as one year. I have seen no improvement, nor do I feel any better since my surgeries were done. As previously stated, I had 2 level disectomy(they removed both discs),foramininotomy,lamanotomy,lateral recess decompression,scar tissue removal. I have been out of work since June 2005.