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tammys, I take Cymbalta to , and lyrica and I really can't say they help me. Dont they do anything for pinched nerves ?
Hope ya feelin better
Hi All! Im Tammy. I had fusion done at L4-L5 3 weeks ago. Doing great but have leg pain in the one I had no pain in before the surgery. I just started on the Neurontin last nite, and I agree with others.. it's good to take at bedtime, cuz it really makes you sleepy and it hangs in there. I am sure my body will get used to it. I hope not so used to it that I have to up my dose. Anyhoo, Shawley, have you tried Neurontin, it's a prescursor to Lyrica, but it may have some diff compound that might help you some more to relieve that pain. You mentioned pinched nerve.. and helping with that. I guess it depends on the severity of the pinching. Gosh, I hope you get some relief.. we all know how it feels.

The TENS unit is a great way to ease soft tissue pain and have used one myself. I am thinking of getting one that I can keep instead of loaned as before. It's nice to have around for muscle spasms rather than to use medication to relieve. Something for you to consider and it's usually a covered durable medical equipment expense for most insurance companies. Best wishes to everyone and a painfree life. Catch on the next thread.. Tammy