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Hi to all and how is everyone?

Has anyone ever been told this before after 2 months from a fusion surgery? I finally went to my old pain mgt doctor and he showed me on my reports and films that I have bone spur and disc bulge L4? ( I didnt have that before my surgery of l5s1) and scar tissue and effacement of space there and he said it is pressing on the nerve which is giving me the pain still down my leg. I am like what the heck is going on. He gave me a trial of Lyrica medicine and talked about doing some nerve blocks, I am so tired of the needles and I havent seen the surgeon yet so he dosent even know I seen the pain mgt and I dont think he has seen the reports yet either. I did however have the pain mgt check out my neck and I go in for another mri on the neck area. I hope to get them to look at the whole picture instead of 1/4 of it when it comes to your entire spine. I hope everyone has a Happy Easter and let me know what you think.

Love msmona :angel: