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I was in the hospital 11 days, never had a BM. I ate only fruit. no kidding. So while I was a little uncomfortable, it was not horrible since I was barely eating. I actaully lost about 10 pounds while there. After I got home basically what I did was to just lean over carefully (with brace on) and strech my arm until it would reach the area. It took a bit to get it to strech, but I finally got it. Not saying I got as clean as I would have like to, but I got most of it. Then when you take your shower, you can clean up really well. I also continued my mostly fruit diet and occ took a laxative to help things along. I had complications in that I had nerve swelling and was taking lyrica 3 times days for neuropathic type pain (mine was severe agonizing cramps form waist to toes). Still staying with a very light diet, coffee, occ laxative, this worked for me. (sad to say the lyrica caused me to gain back the weight I had lost, but I have switched to Keprpa now, and it is helping me lose it again). rocki