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Hello to all again I posted this once and sorry if you are reading it again I just did not get any response to it so I thought I would post it again and please anyone out there if you know what any of it means please let me know as I have had to wait along time to see the surgeon again. I have recently went to pain mgt and he said something about failed back syndrome and put me on lyrica and talked about shots in my back (Not again) but I find the lyrica may be helping me a little so far. I just would like to know what all my spine friends say about this and have they ever heard of it. And Quietcook has anyone heard from her lately? Also how is everyone doing by the way.

Findings: There are postoperative changes with a laminectomy at L4-L5 and L5-S1 and a disc spacer at L5-S1. The metal artifact limits detail to some extent. There does appear to be some granulation tissue at the surgical site, but there is no significant deformity of the thecal sac, and the nerve roots show reasonably good filling. The alignment appears excellent. There is only slight disc space narrowing at L5-S1. The foramina are not well seen at this level and there may be a small osteophyte on the right extending into the foramina, best appreciated on the sagittal reconstruction views.

L4-L5 shows mild bulging of the disc on the sagittal reconstructons, but no focal disc herniation is seen. There is no central or foraminal stenosis.

Impression: Postoperative changes with some diminished detail in the operative site, but no central or formainal stenosis is identified. I do not see a significant compression of the nerve roots or thecal sac to account for the symtoms.

MY questions on this report when I see my doctor is Why the mild disc bulg at L4 area I did not have that before my fusion surgery and he did not tell me he was doing a partial laminectomy at that area. I was only scheduled for fusion surgery of L 5 - S-1. Okay got to take a break now and come back to type the mri results. BRB


At L5-S1 there are postoperative changes. There appears to be some enhancement at the epidural space on the right no the post contrast sequences. There appears to be effacement of the neural foramina on the right with combination of endplate osteophyte, facet joint arthropathy and disc bulge with post contrast sequences suggesting some enhancement on the roight which may represent some epidural fibrosis. I do not see evidence for disc herniation. There appears to be a disc prosthesis.

At L4-l5, L3-4, L2-3, L1-2, and T12-L1 there is no evidence for disc bulge or disc herniation.

Impression: postoperative changes at L5-S1 with persistent osteophyte disc bulge complex and facet joint arthropathy with instrumentation. Post contrast sequences suggest there may be some epidural enhancement of the right. The nueral formamina on the right at L5-S1 is effaced due to facet joint arthropathy and osteophyte fomation.

I know he did say something about scar tissue too.

Thanks for reading again and hope to hear from someone this time :confused: