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Hello Quietcook I have been on the all out bulletin for you the last several weeks, I hope you are fine and I see you have been on here from some posts, Can you please look at my last couple of posts and give me some of your expert opinions PLEASE. I go see doctor on Tuesday I finally went to pain mgt and he addressed all of my issues with my spine and said the tests show nerve impingement with a bunch of other stuff. He put me on Lyrica 50 mg twice a day and I think it may be helping but I still have a whole heck of alot of numbess and burning when I lay down its really bad in the right thigh area it crosses over to the front of my knee. When I touch that area it is like someone gave me novacaine and its really numb and painful.

Let me know what you think or anyone else for that matter and I wonder how Loris made out with her big surgery and how 360 fusion is doing. AAZLl my prayers for my fellow back pain peeps that everyone is doing okay and on the road to pain free days

Love, Msmona :angel:

Just checking the board this AM, in between major tasks, so let me see if I can get a response out to you. Not sure that I'm thinking totally clearly, but will try to give some input.

First, thing I'd be asking is whether or not the surgeon used the anti-scarring gel, especially if you spoke with him about it prior to surgery. If you spoke with him prior to surgery about using the gel, then find out why he did not use one of the gels, especially since you could potentially have an issue with scar tissue.

Now, as far as the laminectomy, that is fairly standard to be done along with any fusion and is often done with discectomy. The laminectomy is the trimming of the roof of the vertebrae, so as to give the spinal cord more room. Let's just hope that any space gained with the lami was not lost due to scar tissue. Of course, ostephyte formation is that you have formed arthritis, specifically a bone spur in that particular area of the right side of L5-S1, so it is indeed narrowing the space at the facet joint.

Now, this part "I do not see evidence for disc herniation. There appears to be a disc prosthesis" is confusing. Sounds like you have something replacing your disc, but not clear if your doc used an ADR or if the forming fibroid type material is replacing the space where there was a disc. That is definitely something I'd want the doctor to explain in good old simple laymen terms.

As for the mild bulging at L4-5, ask, but also realize that although we fix what the problem is at a given time, our bodies continue to age and fail on us. The mild bulging is noticed now, but does not mean that it is or will cause you any specific problems in the immediate or long term future. Yes, it can, but let us hope it just remains a bulge with no impact. Still, I would ask the doc about it, and ask specifically if it was brought about by any shifting done for the fusion. Most likely that is not the case, but let him know that you have logic and want him to honestly address all your concerns.

If, and let us hope this is NOT the case, but if you should ever need more surgery, do as I do regarding the anti-scarring gel. Not only do I remind the doc ever chance I get, but I remind his nurse and PA, and then stand there while I get the secretary to write in bold red at the top of the surgical notes he takes into surgery with the films, to use the anti-scarring gel. Heck, I'm usually alert in the pre-op preparation area as they get ready to put me to sleep before wheeling me in and if he or any of the staff is there I remind them, and if they aren't (they usually are) then I tell the anestheologist to write it on the top of my file. They laugh that I remind them so many times, but it is important to me. I do not want to suffer needlessly when we already know that I develop major internal scar tissue.

The changes the MRI do not sound extreme, and my guess is that if any of these changes are causing you additional pain and problems, it would be in the area of the foraminal narrowing and the facet joints which can't be seen clearly on the right. A tiny bone spur can make a big difference when you are talking about a tiny space.

Have you spoken with the doc about taking something like the glucosamine/chondroitin combination? I take the name brand triple strength and it has helped me lots more than my arthritis meds I've been on for 20+ years. If he suggests that you try it, you can get a cheaper in big bottles at places like Sam's Club, but of course you can get their brand at a fraction of the cost. The reason I went with the name brand is that many of the others list more allergies as possibilities and I deal enough with those, so figured that the inactive ingredients in this one which listed fewer reactions might save me problems in the long run.

Can't recall this AM, but have you started PT? If not, ask about that, especially if you can get aqua therapy. Many doc's don't want to start PT until 4-5 months post-op, but mine starts me at 1 month except this last time with the 10 level when he sent them to my home 3 times a week beginning the day after I was released from the hospital. That works well for me because then the muscles staying stronger help in the healing process and then there's no dealing with atophy of muscles that I would face.

It does sound like you are having a nerve problem, and I suppose one of the primary things you want to know is which one of these particular things is causing this, especially if you did not have that path of nerve problems prior to the surgery. Hope the Lyrica does help, and let's hope it is just a case of a nerve regenerating a damaged area. Somehow, knowing it is that versus new problems just helps us tolerate things better, with view of a better ending in site. Spine Universe that is listed at the top of the boards may also have this, but I know that if you can locate a site on spine health, do a search for a page on "spinal cord and spine nerve roots". On the left side of the page, there is an excellent drawing showing exactly which nerve at which disc level runs across your leg as you describe. Based on where your pain is, it might help you ask the doctor a more specific question. It might be wise to copy and print that view of the nerve path so you can show him your area of concern.

Sure hope you get tons of answers on Tuesday. Will try to check the boards as I can and see what you learn. Hope things will be brighter and more pain free very soon.