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I had a L5-S1 discectomy August 3, 2005. Prior to surgery, I had severe sciatica down my left leg into my foot, numbness, tingling... I tried pt, 4 ejections before surgery - no relief. I had no success from the surgery. I now continue to have severe sciatica pain along with the back pain from the surgery. About 4 weeks post-op, I started PT. I could not continue with PT because the stretching exercises caused tremendous pain. The therapist was getting nervous and suggested I stop the PT. I have had a post-op MRI which showed scar tissue wrapped around the S1 root sleeve. I have had 2 injections since my surgery with no relief. I have had a MRI on my hip - it was normal. I am scheduled for a myelogram to see if that picks up anything the MRI couldn't. The only relief I get from the pain is from my meds - Vicoden ES (3/day), Ibuprofen 800 (3/day, and Lyrica (3/day). I hate being on all these meds but that is the only way I can function each day. My surgeon said it can take a year to heal but I haven't seen one hint of relief since the surgery. Has anyone else experience this? I am so tired of this pain! Is there something else I should be doing?
Thanks for all your input. Since I last posted, I have had 2 more epidural injections with no relief. I also went for the myelogram which showed absolutely nothing - no disc herniations, no compression of my nerve, no significant scar tissue. So why am I having the constant leg pain radiating to my ankle, burning, tingling?!!! My doctor gave me three possible reasons - piriformis muscle, sacroiliac joint, or nerve may be permanently inflamed. So he suggested pt to try to stretch the pain out of it (OUCH!) and go back to the pain doc and get a sacroiliac injection and/or piriformis injection. He said it's not time yet to give up and live with it yet. Has anyone experienced these symptoms due to sacroiliac or piriforms and what was done to relieve it? I am still on Vicoden ES, Ibuprofen and Lyrica for all the pain. I just want to get off these meds!!!