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Hello to all out there, Has anyone who has had Lumbar fusion still get the burning and pain in the middle of the nite when I lay flat it is so bad. I have to rub it constantly. And it feels like a bunch of spiders are knawing away at my thigh bone and muscles. Doctor has me on neurontin and lyrica and I am starting my aqua therapy for my fusion surgery which is 13 weeks post op. I did not experience this pain when I got home from the hospital so I was wondering if any one you had this happen? I dont believe this neurontin stuff is working, the only time I do get any relief is when I take it and one lyrica and one vicoden. I hate taking all this medicine but I find it if I dont the pain is worse. I am hopeful that the therapy will help. I see the pain mgt next week and my surgeon dosent see me for 3 more months, seems like after your 3rd month after surgery you are almost on your own. If things get worse for me I will see another orthopedic doctor that dosent rush you out of the room when he sees you have your pad and he knows you have questions. Really burns me up but I guess they expect all of their patients to come out with 95 percent pain free and thats what he told me before surgery.

I know from reading alot of these posts and doing my own extensive research on every aspect of the back stuff that no one comes out 100 percent pain free and if they did and they are on here please write me and let me know how and what you do. I know it takes time for all of this but I still have a gut feeling something just didnt go quite so right this time around but I will have to say at least I can walk, before it was so bad I was crawling around sometimes it was horrible!!! So maybe all this bad (especially nite time) pains in my outer and inner thigh is the nerve trying to heal, sure feels like a bunch of electrical shocks going on. I can hardly move my leg when this happens and EVERY nite it wakes me up, its horrible.

Well enough of me allready and how is everyone else and has anyone heard from Lori yet?

Msmona :angel:
Hi Msmona :wave: !
Sorry you too are still in pain. I'm 14 weeks post op from a fusion (TLIF). The first fews weeks I felt better then at about 4 wks post op the pain in my leg returned. The worst for me is in the morning and at bed time. I was taking Neurontin (1800 mg a day), Flexeril (muscle relaxer), and Vicodin. My doctor switched me to Lyrica (150 mg twice a day). It made me soooo sleepy. :yawn: After a few days I got used to it. I does really seem to be helping. I'm still taking the Flexeril and Vicodin. However, some days nothing seems to help. Some nights all I can do is pace the floor, praying the pain will calm down long enough to fall asleep. no I've heard it takes up to a year for everything to heal.

I understand your frustration! One of the reasons I had this surgery was so I wouldn't have to take so much medication. I'm on more meds. now than before. I too have question did something not go right with the surgery but I have read soooo many stories on this board that sound just the same.

I started PT last week and WOW :eek: I'm soooo sore and the nerve pain is worse at times. Today is especially a rough day.

Good luck and I pray you get some relief. :angel: