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I'm 14 weeks post op (TLIF). Where do I start?!?! I'm frustrated because I don't know what to expect or if what is happening is "normal"! :confused: I'm still have a lot of "nerve" pain all the way down my left leg & still having to take lots of meds. That was the reason I had the surgery, to stop the pain & get off the meds.

I have days that are GREAT and I almost forget I had surgery. But there are more days that I'm still in pain. Not to mention the numbness & weakness in the leg that hinder most of my daily activities. Oh, we can't forget the low back pain. :eek:

I'm trying to just stay focused on the day to day but it's hard when you have a life to get on with. I feel like I'm on "hold".

I just wish my doctor could give me answers. Everything is so vague. :dizzy: He says what I am experiencing is "normal". If this is "normal" I would hate to see "abnormal".

It's almost like I could deal with it better if I knew this is the way I will always be. I could then except to and plan my life around it. I know on days that are bad I LOVE THE MEDS. but I don't understand why I should have to live on these meds. Again, that's one reason I had surgery.

On the positive side :rolleyes: , I don't regret having the fusion surgery because I didn't have a choice. The pain was soooo bad :eek: I told my doctor to cut off my leg if that was the only way to stop the pain. And I was dead serious. And YES the pain is better than before, although there are times it does get just as bad, especially in the middle of the night. At least now I am able to get some relief.

I guess, like most of us, I have questions that just can't be answered. I would like to know, in general, what to expect. If anyone can share their experience please share.

:confused:QUESTIONS :confused:

When to call the doctor? (I don't want to seem like I'm bothering them. I have days that the Lyrica doesn't seem to be working & the only thing that helps is the Vicodin & Flexeril. The numbness in my leg and spread.)

"They" say it takes up to a year to "heal", but what does the mean?

I know each person is different but what should I expect in the future(,1,2,3,4, etc.) years from now?

Why are we all still in pain when they did surgery to "fix" the problem?

Is this permanent nerve damage & when or how will I know? I have a lot of numbness & weakness in my leg, is this the way my leg will always be?

How long will I have to take the meds. (Lyrica, Flexeril, & Vicodin)?

Will I have to always take them?

Will my lower back always hurt when I bend over?

Will I ever be able to pick-up my children again (or anything heavy)?

Please forgive me for ranting and raving but I'm just sooo frustrated. :eek: