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HI! I too had a posterior fusion at L4-L5, with BMP (no harvest thank god) on April 18th. 44 yrd old female. Incisions of mine itch like crazy too. I have 6 holes in my back.. how about you all? The leg pain is the worst of it all! I have pain now in my left leg, that i did not have prior to surgery. All pain WAS on the right. The pain is such an irritant, that it keeps me from getting to sleep. Doc gave me a medrol pack last week. It helped minorly, but then pain is back as before. Today he perscribed nerve med called Neurontin. I begin tonite & take one pill at bedtime for a week. If I am feeling good I stay at that one pill per night. If I am not better, I progress to one pill in morning and one at night for week and so on. Tops I can take would be pill every 8 hours.

In reading it sounds looks like neurontin is the prescursor to the Lyrica you are seeing on the tv commericals now for restless leg syndrome.

I will give it a try and let you know what it does or does not. I hope this doesnt make me doppy.. i can play that role all by myself without the aid of meds.. hehehe.

Glad to chat with others that have had the same thing done and timeframe. I look forward to sharing our ups and downs. hope more ups for us all. My name is Tammy