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Hi Shawley, I'm Ba-a-a-a-ack from the Dr's appointment. It went well she is going to try me on some new meds other than neurontin. She said it's something new to the market and she seems it will work well for the nerve pain. She gave me the name of it and I forgot the name lol .. I go back this friday and see this new Dr who is going to be taking her place and she's going to talk with him. She's moving to CA June 9th bummer for us out here but good news for some folks out there. I did ask if she used "GEL" before closing me up and she said no that they have taken that off the market because it caused infection in some cases and also put more pressure on the nerve and said it's not been used in 5 years. She also said it causes fluid build up in the area of the operation. I'll let you know about this new med when I see this new Dr on Friday. She also said I could get a nerve stimulator implanted on my spine but I wouldn't be able to get another MRI so I said Ummm No Thanks and she agreed. So it looks like we both have appointments on Friday. I aslo have another eye appointment with the cornea specialist this friday. sheesh I am tired of going to the Dr's wish they would come and visit me for a change .. lol

Have a great one or two ,

PS: Just remerbered the drug its called Lyrica ever hear of it?
Joe I take lyrica 3 times a day , sorry but it hasn't helped me , I hate pill's. Thats a bummer your Dr. is leaving town . I wouldn't want the nerve stimulater either ,some people may , but not me , I might be hurting but I still try to get out and do a little , I just had 20 ton of topsoil spread on my yard , I had this huge tree romoved and it left a giant pond in my yard after the springs filled it up , $250.00 later it looks better , I probably should have kept it for a swim pool..Were waiting on this guy to give me a price on a deck . A hot tub in the middle , so I can soak my back and drink a cold michelob in the sunshine , or blizzard whichever comes first,,lol.. keep me posted on how them pills help you.