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Thanks Carol, I appreciate your information and your thoughts as well. Wow, I hope we all get through this and are one of those that come back here and post how well they are doing. Sooner rather than later.. hehehe.

I am just the opposite on meds, they really whammy me, even in slight doses. I can't take ultram, ultracet, percocet.. they all make me hurl. But in taking the Neurontin so far, it takes several hours for it to really kick in, and leaves me a little qweezy (no clue how to spell that) too, but that is tolerable.

I will call the doc tomorrow, but I fear I will get the JUST STAY ON IT LONGER schpeel. I really would like to try the newer version of this med.. LYRICA and see what, if any difference it could make. I think that is a valid question. I will let you know what he tells me. As always Carol.. best wishes gal. Talk to you tomorrow. Tammy