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To catch some of you up to speed , I had laminectomy and fusion of my L4-L5
in April, 2004 , a year later still in pain ,had a broken pedical screw and some bad stabbing pain in my left leg so I had a revision surgery this past October , woke up to burning fire on my left foot and right thigh My doctor told me he had to remove all my hardware cause I was only 3% healed from my first surgery, the pain kind of went away until around 2 months ago when I started to get tingling and slight burning in both legs , the not so funny part it seem's like every day It gets more painful and in more places, like its growing . It starts out tingling then gets like a burning feeling and then later on its a pounding in my feet and legs so bad , last night when I went to bed my feet were numb like they were alseep , good thing I see my doctor tomorrow , I'm getting really concerned about this , I just pray I won't need any corrective surgery for this , right now I am taking Cymbalta and lyrica . And when the pain is at it's worse 1 or 2 hydrocodone and a beer or 2. I have been doing therapy and seeing a chiro for my upper back and hips , has anyone ever experienced this type of pain and what did they do about it ?