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Quote from bopper:
Thank you Joe for your response.

I'm sorry you are still having nerve pain.

How are you able to differentiate between nerve and disc pain.

Are there identifyers that I can do at home (straight leg lift test) that can tell me where/what is causing the pain?

I did the straight leg lift at home and was easily able to lift both legs.

My pain seems to be aggravated by moving my upper only or lower only body. Does that make sense?

What started out as really bad back pain has turned into hip pain from he!! Is this likey to be referred from my back or is there something likely going on with my hips...possibly arthritis.

PS I am 32 year old, 5 ft. 2 inch, 130 lbs female.

Hi again, My hip felt like it was dislocated but it was referred pain from the sciatic nerve. Does the pain feel deep? I know in my calf area just above the ankle when the nerve hurts. My Chiropractor told me to put pressure on it using my thumb and it helps calm it down some. but it does help. And yes it does feel like a toothache. I just got back from my surgeons appointment gave me a script for "Lyrica" but where it's so new my insurance won't cover it so he's sending me out a trial pack and if it works he'll fill out the paper work so it can be covered. Only because that medication is so new, for 60 pill it's 134.00 I could spring for it but if it doesn't help I'd be out the 134.00 so I'll try the trial pack first. BTW if I was for a block or so or over do it the sciatic pain kicks in big time and I have to rest for a while and use ice to calm it all down again. Have you tried Ice on your lower back?

Good luck and if I can't answer a question I am sure many others here can:)
Hope you find relief soon,

PS I never felt disc pain, just the compressing of the sciatic nerve that caused all the other pain. BUT if you press on your spine between the bones where the disc are you may feel pain. I also think the disc is the cause of the nerve pain.