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I have had many many spinal injection before I had my micro d the disc and tissue were already swollen putting pressure on the nerve so when they injected more fluid into the epidoral space I was in sever pain, The pain shot down my leg I went through this for 3 years before surgery. I then had my micro d and a redo and just started having the injections again seems like the swelling is down but I still have mega nerve pain and have had it since my last surgey in Jan of 04. I have had 2 injection and they haven't helped at all and schedualed for the 3rd June 1st. It's been raining for the past week here in the north east and I'm climbing the walls in pain. I'm not taking anymore pain meds . I was suppose to get a script for Lyrica for nerve pain, BUT where it's so new Blue Cross Blue Shield won't cover it until the DR fills out some forms and sends them in. The Dr is suppose to mail me a sample pack to see if it works before he does the paper work. Back to sterroid injection question, I was never given anything before or after. If you ice up a few day before to reduce swelling it may take the edge off.
Good Luck :)