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Hi Mooboo, I had an anular tear myself it was a central focal anular tear and it can be painful. At the time I had mine back in 1985 the Dr told me he wouldn't operate on it and it would heal on its own.. Throughout the years It would flare up, my back would go into spasms, It was oozing and irritating the sciatic nerve. It herniated and I was getting spinal injections, nerve blocks and countless shots in my back to relieve the pain and in 2003 It became a full blown herniation and noting helped anymore. I had the micro d in 2003, and reherniated it within 6 weeks and off to have it done again in Jan of 04 and to this day I still have sever sciatic nerve pain, It's been close to 29 months. I too waited before having surgery because back then the outcomes were not as good as they are now.. I just started taking Lyrica for the nerve pain and it seems to help some and now my Dr is upping the dose. I hope you find relief..

Good Luck,