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Carol gives great advice. Patience is the true name of the game in this. It takes time to heal and you can't rush it if you want to.

Carol...How are you doing? :wave: Thanks for asking. I am doing okay.. it's officially 6 weeks today. I am hanging with it. I see improvements each day, however small they may be. The back is getting stronger (stiffer/more stable in the lower lumbar), my legs and feet still pain me, but am managing to deal with that so far. I can now sit for about 1.5 hours with pretty good comfort before I get achy and need to move. The swelling is more normal looking now. It's still there but doesnt look like elephantitus anymore. The doc ordered some bloodwork to check "other" things just to make sure nothing else is contributing to the swelling. But, I think that bad swelling was just an allergic reaction to the medication (neurontin & Lyrica). Since I have been off those meds, I have not had the return of bad symptoms. I have also reduced the vicodin down to 1, 5mg pill per day, and 1/2 800mg of skelaxin a day. Most days, I am tolerating pain on that. So I have clarity back again! That part I love! I just hope I can continue to sustain this, borrowing the occasional days when I may need a little more.

I am in the process of getting a top secret clearance for a goverment position in which I will begin working in the fall. They called me 2 days after I got home from the hospital wanting to further process me in a city about 3 hours away from my home. I explained that while I would love to, I just had major back surgery and homebound for at least 6 weeks. They were able to work around it, but now can't hold off any longer. So I am about to take my first long trip this Friday to process me further. I don't think it will be problem at all, and my wonderful boyfriend is driving me down there.

Today, we went bed hunting, as our 3 yr old high end mattress totally let us down. So you can imagine frail little me doing the log roll onto several mattresses today! hehehe. :eek:

We went to a few different places, tested several ones and finally settled on an extremely expensive one, that is supposed to be the best. Time will tell huh. I didnt even bother with a memory foam ones... I would still be there trying to get out of it! hehehe. :bouncing:

Well.. I guess that more than sums up how Im doing. Give me an update on how you are doing! Pain free wishes to you Carol! Tammy :)